On the heals of a very successful Annual Business Conference in Deerfield, IL, hosted by the West Great Lakes Intergroup, I am pleased to commence another year in my role as Treasurer.  And I am also pleased to be able to say that the Treasury Committee is re-doubling our efforts to tackle all things financial for WSO.  Thank you to Allen and Martin for your support and dedication to the Fellowship.  We also had a volunteer at the ABC, Tim from Chicago, who is interested in consulting with us.  Thank you, Tim. 

As we look at the financials for April, the Current Asset section of the Balance Sheet continues to explain the planned allocations of available funds.  Also, note that all approved funds have been used for the development of the new website, which is listed in the Intangible Asset portion.  

The Profit and Loss Statement shows that the Distribution Center Net Income was $12,833. We received a $1,578 rebate on our Worker’s Comp costs because last year one of the Staff was incorrectly designated as a Warehouse employee rather than an Office employee.  Also, we had overpaid our rent because of bonus months that were in our lease and were not credited to our account. Therefore, we did not pay rent for February and March and we only paid $127 in April. We will go back to our regular rent payment in May.

Of note in the WSO Cost Center is that only slightly more than 1/3 of the costs associated with the ABC were paid as of the end of April. The credit in the ABC Meals category reflects the deposit of funds attendees paid for the Saturday night dinner. The combined Net Income of both cost centers was $15,175.

The piecharts are also available that show Income and Expense breakdowns, but note that the two cost centers are not separated in these graphs.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer