The Progress Notes are being submitted by the Office Manager and the participating Board members so that the fellowship is apprised of the Staff and Board’s ongoing effort to effectively and efficiently discharge their duty to serve the fellowship by carrying the message to the adult child that suffers.

Progress Notes

Weekly Office Meeting 

June 6, 2013 

Opened with Serenity Prayer at 9:30 pm EST 

Present:  Chair, Treasurer, WSO Trustee; and Office Manager. 


Donate the Van – Wheels for Wishes identified. A motion is in front of the Board for 6-8 Teleconference to approve this donation. 

Tri-fold assortment – Checking on quantity discount for collated assortment.  Office Manager expecting written quote tomorrow, 6/7, and will forward to Chair, Treasurer and WSO Trustee; cost could be as low as 7 cents/copy if we order enough. 

UPS Shipping and GoDaddy – Module still not online with GoDaddy. Webmaster sent a letter to GoDaddy top brass pleading for help and threatening to move to another vendor. 

Mail Innovations Account – An additional UPS account that’s being integrated. Staff waiting to see if the account has been added to automated billing system. Treasurer checking with Accountant to see if we’re being directly invoiced as with other accounts.  Also, Staff has made an appointment for the Mail Innovations/SurePost UPS rep to come onsite to add detailed billing to the account setup for this line-of-business and to show how Staff/Accounting may tie billing back to specific orders relative to the SurePost & MI line-of-business   

Staff Efficiency (formerly Decreasing Work Hours and Order turnaround times) – More details of the specific amount of time needed to perform duties is needed to determine appropriate staffing levels.  Chair asked Office Manager to have the staff specify exactly how much time each task takes. Office Manager reiterated that the Staff already specify this breakdown, entered manually on daily task/time Log Sheets, the information from which they then manually transfer into the GetMyTime system for their individual reports. To be continued. Treasurer asked how the Log Sheets Staff fill out correlates to what they actually enter in the GetMyTime program.  Office Manager to scan and email some completed log sheets to Chair, Treasurer and WSO Trustee.  Treasurer also noted that we have been concentrating on warehouse staff, but will soon start doing similar efficiency study with office staff. Office Manager reiterated that the Office Staff also utilize detailed daily task/time Log Sheets, with a similar process for recording into GetMyTime.

Staff’s departure – Notice was given in 3Q of 2012 that she was leaving for the military.  After 9 months, the Board has unanimously agreed that an end date should be set so we can determine ongoing staffing needs. Office Manager will set up a phone call w’Chair,  WSO Trustee, Staff, and Office Manager where Satff will be informed that June 30th is her end of employment date. 

Bubblewrapping BRBs – Pilot program to wrap only top, middle and bottom layers of BRBs in cases to assess potential damage.  Per Office Manager, it’s too early to tell if this works.  Chair received on a shipment and only one book had a slightly bent corner, which Office Manager said would not be considered damaged enough for replacement.

File cabinet for Confidential Records – Need key.  On order and 6/7/13.

New meeting packets – Will begin sending unassembled. Treasurer reviewed and made a couple of slight changes to the instruction sheet Staff wrote. Chair to send vector file of ACA logo to use to improve look and feel of cover sheet.

Weight Stress Belts – To be used by volunteers. Seeking donations. Have received 2 donations and employees have brought in their extras.

UPS Solutions – Getting data on number of packages shipped and to where.  A report was received from UPS and will be distributed to Office Manager and the Board. 

Pay stubs – Staff was unable to see their electronic paystubs after mid-May pay period.  Office Manager to ask Staff to check their e-mails tomorrow to see if this was corrected.

Publishing Progress Notes: The Board and Office Manager have agreed this is a good idea. Redacted minutes will be posted in public area of website Repository. Full notes to be placed in private area of Repository for Board use only. 

Contact Us: Possible overlap of answers to Contact Us email inquiries because they go to Outreach and Office, as well as Admin (Webmaster), who doesn’t respond to them.  Webmaster, Outreach and Office Manager to have a conversation and determine a strategy to avoid duplicate responses. Per Office Manager, this has also been an issue with the phones as we switched to Vonage, but it’s getting much better.  Chair will check with Webmaster to see advisability of showing all email addresses on these emails.

Shredding Project: Financial records need to be kept for 4 years.  Currently we have records dating back to 2006.  Office Manager to determine volume of documents that can be shredded and get estimates of shredding cost.

Office Report: Received the report Thursday, partially because beginning of month fell on Saturday.  Office Manager to get future reports to the Board the Monday or Tuesday of the week of the TC. 


Office Manager’s Responsibilities: Want to get a better picture of what she does. Office Manager to keep a daily diary of all that she does and the time each task takes.

Office Manager and Tracking financial data: Office Manager hasn’t tracked financial data because she hasn’t been asked to.  She will begin to study financials from Accountant so we can better engage in conversation of the ACA WSO financial condition. Correction: As a part of her job, Office Manager has up to the present neither tracked financial data nor been sent financial data to track; specifically, her position as it was originally setup was charged to track shipments, sales-per-unit and monthly/weekly trends, specifically excluding receipt of or tracking of any financial data.  With previous Executive Committees, Financial data was setup as being within the purview of Treasurer/Accountant and as outside the purview of the Shipping/Distribution Manager position.   

Approval of Schedule of hours– Treasurer approves hours for payroll, but has no idea of schedule and needs.  Office Manager to send Treasurer schedule of hours (usually done up to 2 weeks in advance) and inform Treasurer when additional hours are required.

Biometric scanner:  Proposal for installation of biometric scanner to track employee hours.  Office Manager, Webmaster, Accountant and Treasurer to review the specs of the proposed Biometric Scanner to assure compatibility, connectivity and transferability (should a computer crash).

Using labels from UPS to cover labels from Bang:  There was an indication in the timelogs that old labels were being torn off of old boxes before they are reused.Staff are not, or shouldn’t be, tearing off old labels to cover Bang labels.  Office Manager shared that if any such verbiage was used, it was a carry over from the past when Staff were originally trained to do such; Office Manager will have Staff update the verbiage they use in the time reports.  Office Manager further stated that at the current time,  Leftover blank labels are being used to cover these old labels, necessary as the cartons reused for packing product contain  bar codes which must be covered over prior to shipment .  Treasurer suggested that additional blank labels should be available from UPS if needed. 

Worker’s Compensation Claims:  Received what we thought was a Worker’s Comp claim pertaining to Staff. Office Manager was not aware of any claims and suggested it might be an unemployment comp claim. Treasurer to check.

USPS Shipments:  We’re getting shipping data from UPS but not USPS.  Office Manager to send USPS data to Chair, Treasurer and WSO Trustee.

Closed with Serenity Prayer at 10:28 pm EST