The Progress Notes are being submitted by the Office Manager and the participating Board members so that the fellowship is apprised of the Staff and Board’s ongoing effort to effectively and efficiently discharge their duty to serve the fellowship by carrying the message to the adult child that suffers.

Progress Notes

Weekly Office Meeting

June 13, 2013

Opened with Serenity Prayer at 3:01 pm EST   

Present: Chair; Treasurer; WSO Trustee, and Office Manager.


Donate the Van – Board approved and is being picked up next week. Video will be taken.

Tri-fold assortment – Received quotes from Staples knocking our price down substantially. Needs Board approval to use the aggressive pricing and give up rewards (which can be earned on another office account we have with Staples for the other office supplies.)

UPS Shipping and GoDaddy – GoDaddy confirmed they will not be installing the module. Webmaster to vet other services we can switch to with a cost benefit analysis to be conducted before recommendations will be made to the Board.

Mail Innovations Account – Received a paper bill which seems to indicate that it has not been transferred to an online account yet. Treasurer to check.

Shredding Project: Office Manager received quotes, the lowest of which would be $59, for a mobile shredding truck to shred on site and dispose of materials. Board needs to approve expenditure to shred all items that are over 4 years old, and only order related. There can’t be anything accounting related included.

Staff Efficiency – Details of specific tasks and their time for completion are to be worked on between the staff and the Treasury committee. It was noted that the short term goal is to establish benchmarks to help determine staffing needs. Scott is devising a workaround for GetMyTime to make recording of tasks more specific. Mary Jo and Larry liked the idea of staff videotaping ‘the life of an order’ from inception to out the door.  We all understand there are exceptions to any situation and the results of any of these efforts will take that into account. Larry also asked for screenshots from the computer processes.  Treasury Committee (Mary Jo and Allen) and Staff will work on this project together.

Staff’s departure – Chair and Vice Chair spoke with the .staff member about the end of employment date being June 30, 2013. Chair will sign and send a letter to that effect to the staff member c/o Signal Hill address.

Bubblewrapping BRBs – Pilot program to wrap only top, middle and bottom layers of BRBs in cases to assess potential damage. Per DiAnne, it’s too early to tell if this works. Chair received a shipment with one book slightly damaged, which DiAnne said would not be considered damaged enough for replacement.  Staff will begin using a barrier between the 2 rows of books to mitigate damage.

File cabinet – Key received. Next part is gathering the files to be stored in the cabinet. Chair to follow up

New meeting packets – Vector file was reformatted by Webmaster and sent to staff to replace the current cover. Also Outreach provided typos found in package for correction. Staff has been working on redoing the pages and will make the corrections.

UPS Solutions – Office Manager did not receive UPS report. Chair to send.

Pay stubs – Accountant sent troubleshooting information to Staff that included an Intuit phone number. Office Manger to notify Treasurer if any problems persist.

Publishing Progress Notes: Waiting for Webmaster to open a tab in the Repository for posting the notes (will be posted as private before going live).

Contact Us: The team (Webmaster, Outreach and Office manager) have not met, but have had exchanges that have ironed out some of the issues with overlap of answers to Contact Us email inquiries.

Office Report: This month’s end falling on a Sunday will allow the Office Manager the most time to get the report to the Board the week before the monthly teleconference.

Office Manger’s Responsibilities: Office manager started keeping a diary on Monday and will run until a representative sample including re-orders, special projects can be obtained.

Office Manger and Tracking financial data: Office manager to receive from the Treasurer a financial report relative to distribution center’s expenses that will inform staffing and overhead.

Approval of Schedule of hours – DiAnne to provide staff schedules to Treasurer each week. Any additional hours are required to be approved by Treasurer.

Biometric scanner: Office Manager, Webmaster, Accountant, ACA WSO Trustee and Treasury Committee to review the specs of the proposed Biometric Scanner to assure compatibility, connectivity and transferability (should a computer crash). The Treasury Committee and Accountant to clear up how the data will be pulled and forwarded regarding payroll and that the change to a static IP address does not affect the current set up as regard the orders.

Worker’s Compensation Claims: This was an unemployment claim by a staffer who gave notice and left on good terms. Thus the claim should have been denied. Treasurer to check who receives notices and to establish with Accountant that future claims are to be verified with Staff and Board so they can be contested if appropriate.

USPS Shipments: Received data from Office Manger

Meeting’s move – They are deciding where they are going.


Shelving for warehouse- . Staff directed to begin inquiry into the feasibility of adding shelving into the warehouse and the possible acquisition for a fork life before the next printing (October-November).

Closed with Serenity Prayer at 4:35 pm EST