Board Working Meeting Minutes 6:00 p.m. EDT –

                                    June 27, 2013

Board Members Present: Larry, Chair; Joan, Vice-Chair; Mary Jo, Treasurer; Karen, Secretary; Leanne, At Large; Vonnie, At Large; Allen, At Large

The meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer.


Items Covered:
#1 Creating job descriptions: Mary Jo is lead and Joan has volunteered to help her. Staff members will
write their own job descriptions.

#2 New Meeting Packets – resolved earlier.

#3 Facility upkeep: Hiring a cleaning person: set aside indefinitely – low priority.

#4 Volunteer liability: Mary Jo will check with Patricia and the Insurance Company to see what the office may need.

#5 Creating a budget: Duplicate of item addressed earlier and it is also tabled until later.

#6 Purchase Order form: Luke of the Treasury Committee will investigate this and report later.

Secretary’s items Karen/Joan:

#1 New Trustee Welcome: Karen lead, working on.

#1a Standardized Office Report: Vonnie is lead: has forwarded to Allen for review the draft report she drew up. Allen reported having developed a spread sheet with items on it and Vonnie’s report can be integrated with that. He will forward the integrated report to Vonnie to check over.

#2 Issues dropped and forgotten: Joan is lead. Joan monitoring.

#3 Employee Manual: Joan is lead: Joan is putting together the parts that she and Karen each worked on and going over it to determine what may need to be edited. She will forward it to the Board to look over, and also contact Jessica Page, a California attorney familiar with non-profit employee topics to see if she will review it for ACA WSO.

Webmaster’s Items:

#1 Updated website: Scott is lead on this but board member Leanne is also on this team. Leanne will do follow-up with Scott and Robin.

#2 Communication with staff: Mary Jo and Larry have been talking to DiAnne weekly and will continue to do so to address communication strengths and weaknesses and work on improving office efficiency.

#3 Annual WSO Audit/Process Audit: Larry will be talking to Scott about updating the OPPM. Karen asked if it is necessary to present any OPPM updates to the ABC for approval to make changes.

H&I and Outreach Items:

A suggestion was made to define Outreach, as it seems to carry different definitions depending on who is using it. Vonnie is going to work on this.

Literature Items:

#1 Brochures and pamphlets have been renamed: Leanne will follow up with Scott on this as it relates to the website.

#2 Standardization of Literature: Larry is lead and it is being worked on by Leanne and Robin.

#3 Alternate options for order fulfillment: tabled until a later date. Larry is getting costs on fulfillment from Bang and two other places (Packaware and Amazon).

#4 Duplicate of #5.

Begin Next Time: July 18th, 6:00 p.m. EDT

Submitted by Joan B.