ACA WSO Web/database Report for the July 2013 Teleconference.

The number of registered meetings continues to grow, now up to 1201 meetings.  This includes 10 new meetings being registered in June, plus another 78 meeting updates being processed.  Once again, Gloria has been busy processing all these entries.

Recognizing the need to replace our current website with one using newer technologies, this month I created an initial working document to develop a new web site, including the web site itself, the current repository, meeting list, shopping cart, and forum.  It is a large project with many elements, but this document may serve as a starting point for such a project.  I’m also finding qualified people are generally very busy and without much time to expend on this project – so forward progress has been slow.

As mentioned in previous monthly reports, David and I have replicated the meeting list to the domain with the intent of moving that part of the web site from his web server onto our hosting server.  However, there remain email related issues to be resolved in this migration effort, which are pending finding the time to resolve them. Due to the migration problems with the GoDaddy servers, I am now considering moving the meeting list function instead to another hosting facility better equipped to handle programs created using the PERL programming language.   Meanwhile David has patiently allowed us to continue hosting the meeting list on his server.  Thank you David.

GoDaddy has now made it clear they have no plans to implement the UPS “Sure Post” module in their Quick Shopping Cart program.  My first thought was to initiate moving the shopping cart to another vendor, however due to the magnitude of this task, I’m now having second thoughts (time to change and retrain staff would be significant – and would we be really be better off once the change?). Another approach would be to change our shipment options to a flat percentage basis based on the average shipping costs, which would greatly simplify the overall process (while still allowing fast delivery options at the higher rates).  The Treasurer and I have run some preliminary analysis on such a proposal, though details are still pending.

As time allows, I also continue to update the layout of the “Repository”, including adding new areas and functions to the Repository in support of WSO Board requests.

As I stepped down as a WSO Board member, I was hoping to see a reduction in my workload in support of the WSO.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still hopeful.  With my personal interest moving more into the professional music arena, it is my intent to step down as WSO Webmaster by the end of 2013 (which would include finding someone qualified and available to continue the task – or maybe multiple webmasters, each covering different areas of the overall website).

Scott R.

ACA WSO Webmaster