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•The Database and Website Committee has a channel on Slack. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to web[email protected]. We meet weekly at 1pm ET via telecon.

• We can use people experienced with web design, particularly Word Press.
• The Privacy Policy Statement for is being reviewed and should be live in October.
• We announced a request for fellowship input on the website home page. What message should we have, what images and colors should we use. Submit an idea that we use and get a piece of ACA literature as a thank you.
• was updated to contain the 2019 ABC/AWC information for the event in Sweden. You can register now for the 2019 ABC and AWC.
• Meetings list updates are being done by the WSO Office daily.
• Projects in our queue are
o Make updates easier for groups that have meetings on more than one day and time that have the same address and meeting contacts
o Publish the Daily Affirmation in a daily email that users can subscribe to
o Look at alternatives to Go Daddy emails – possibly using gmail with our current domains
o Test online voting with the Trippus system from the 2019 ABC host committee, have poll anywhere as a backup
o Working on getting all meeting information updated and verified, removing defunct meetings
o Work with Intergroups to send us their group meetings to verify our meetings data
o Enhance the meeting list maps and reduce the API calls for address information