Signal Hill Distribution Center Monthly Report:  June 2013

Hello all- 

Reports and Sales info/Raw Data includes (attached):  

1) June 2013 and June 2012 combined “Total Sales and Units Per Product” from Go Daddy “Quick Shopping Cart” reports menu, including “Legend” for interpretation of Sales report raw data,

2) Comparisons for “Total Sales/Units per Product” from previous months, June 2012 through April 2013,

Other critical business:

> UPS WorldShip pricing roll-out into Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart, continued from January 2013 forward-


Misc Items: 

> UPS–   UPS is exploring one more potential option as a workaround for the Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart pricing module implementation failure; update forthcoming.     

> Volunteer Service workers- We had two Volunteer Service Workers come the Signal Hill Office/Warehouse in June, each for one shift “in between meeting”; no other individuals who approached the ACAWSO office to schedule Volunteer time have actually shown for their service work appointments as of yet.  Two additional folks who contacted the office via Outreach have been contacted for potential scheduling.

> Reorder of Fellowship Texts– the twelfth printing is on order from Bang Printing; the order of 6000 texts- plus overflow stock from Bang’s Fulfillment Center,  will ship from Bang apx the first week of July.  UPDATE:  Shipped Thursday July 11th

> Inventory– We took a Full Physical on Monday July 1st for June close-of-business; results were sent to Patricia and the Executive Committee.

> Weekly Distribution Center TeleConference w’Larry/Mary Jo/DiAnne- special topics and other business items have been detailed in previous weekly reports for all call dates and are posted on the Repository for review.

Thank you,

DiAnne – and Vivian, Danielle, Kristina…, TaTT Trudy, Kim & Gloria