July 13, 2013


The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 2:00 p.m. EST by Larry A, Chairman, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

Concept VII was read by the Chairman

Board Members Present:   Larry A., Joan B., MaryJo L., Karen R., Vonnie G., Allen C., and Leanne S.

Quorum established.

Committee Chairpersons Present: MaryJo L. Treasurer; Larry A., Literature; Vonnie G., Outreach;Scott R, ACA Website/Database; Joan B., Hospitals and Institutions;

Welcomed Guests: Guests who chose to introduce themselves were listening from Chicago, New York, Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan and England

A. Approval of Minutes : Motion by Karen, 2nd by Joan: to approve the minutes of the June 8, 2013 Teleconference Meeting.

Motion Carried (unanimous)

B. Monthly Reports

1. Treasurer, MaryJo L reports $3,329.72 in Seventh Tradition donations last month. With donations, sales, and efficiencies implemented at our Signal Hill Office, our Net Income is no longer in the red. For a full report see (and note) there are new tabs in the Repository.

2. Literature, Larry A: Draft Meditation Book should be posted on ACA website for 90 day review soon (MaryJo); efforts with layout (Robin) continue in standardizing graphics and style of ACA WSO Conference Approved Literature (Leanne); Spanish translation of the BRB continues with volunteers, though resources are limited (Ines) and ComLine editing and layout for on-line version continues (Mardi). See full Literature report on the Repository.

3. Distribution Center/Office, DiAnne A: Diane was unable to attend this month’s teleconference, however, her full report can be found on the Repository. She does mention shipment of the 12th printing of the BRB and that the weekly teleconference meetings with specific board members to better communicate office efficiencies continues.

4. Outreach, Vonnie G: Outreach continues to evolve with the growth of our fellowship and may soon change its name to “Member and Public Services,” as well as a new purpose statement. A full report is on the Repository.

5. Website/Database, Scott R: By the end of 2013, our current Webmaster, Scott plans to step down from this service to follow his personal call to music. We wish him well. Scott reports recognizing our need to update and/or replace our current website with newer technologies and will help with transitions as he can. We continue to have difficulties with our office server who cannot/will not be able to display correct shipping costs on shopping cart orders. The full report is on the Repository.

6. Hospitals & Institutions (H&I), Joan: Report no mailings were done in June, although H&I with Mardi continue to edit an outreach letter for groups/Intergroups.

7. European Activity Reports, Majbrit:   Majbrit was unable to attend the July TC but submitted a report read by our Chairman. Letters have gone out to many European countries (Hungary, France, Ireland, Holland…more) to encourage involvement with Intergroup and the European ACA connection. Questions are being asked about making the BRB an audio book in Danish. A full report may be found on the Repository.

8. Executive Committee Report, Larry A.: Nothing to report.

C. Old Business:

1. To create a budget and also establish an annual budget review process for when year-end numbers become available. (Original issue from May 2013)

As reported by MaryJo, this item continues in process. After review and collate, hope to have a draft to put before the board in August.

D. New Business  

Motion #1: Made by Karen, 2nd by Joan: Move to remove from our ACA Meetings Referral List, Phone Bridge meeting  TEL159  at 712-432-8808, pin: 2233#  that meets  on Tuesdays and is called “The Fourth Tradition” meeting.  This meeting was registered in January 2013.

Motion Carried (unanimous)   

Motion#2: Made by Larry, 2nd by Leanne: To authorize the Chair to sign the Affidavit of continuing use for US registration No. 3,460,353 ACA Logo & Design and to pay our Trademark attorney $750 for the preparation of the affidavit. 

Motion Carried (unanimous) 

Motion #3: Made by Larry, 2nd by Vonnie: Move to approve the use of the Staples aggressive pricing plan for non-profits.

Motion Carried (unanimous) 

Motion #4:   Made by MaryJo, 2nd by Joan: Move toraise the price on the New Meeting Packet from $9.50 to $15.00.  

Discussion pointed out that this motion ties in with the following motion (#5)

Motion Carried (unanimous)

Motion #5: Made by MaryJo, 2nd by Joan: Move to sell a package assembly called a “New Meeting Essentials” for $35.00 that will include the New Meeting Packet, BRB and Workbook.

Discussion and friendly amendment states the new package assembly shall not be called “New Meeting Essentials” due to existing tri-fold title conflict. It was also decided that this board trust MaryJo to consider and give the new package assembly an appropriate name.

Motion as amended Carried (unanimous)

Motion #6: Made by Larry, 2nd by Mary Jo: Move to approve the expenditure of $59 to shred between 21-24 boxes of order forms over 4 years old.

Motion Carried (unanimous)


Motion #7:   Made by Larry, 2nd by Joan: Move that the Board of Trustees adopt a policy of conducting an annual ACA WSO Inventory/Processing Audit  for the purpose of orientating the Board to the Literature Distribution Center processes and exercise oversight over the personnel. To promote consistency and the rotation of service, the Inventory/Audit shall be conducted by a team of two (2) Board members (whose membership will include one member from the previous year’s team and another member of the Board) going to the Signal Hill, California ACA Literature Distribution Center (The Home Office).

Motion Carried (unanimous)   *The webmaster was instructed by the chair to prepare the language of this motion to be included in an OPPM update.

Motion #8:   Made by Karen, 2nd by MaryJo: Move to send $100 to Scott and Phyllis for partial reimbursement of personal expenses related to a Signal Hill ACA Home Office visit. Their expenses included taking available staff members out for a meal, as well as time spent by the webmaster investigating and discussing computer issues.

Motion Carried (6) Ayes; (0) Nays; (1) Abstain

Motion #9: Made by Larry, 2nd by Leanne: Move that the Board adopt a policy that allows the Board to decide minor issues by either:   general consensus with a majority of Board members agreeing in principle with an overall goal without defining the specific method of achieving that goal and leaving the means of achieving that goal to the Board Member who is leading that effort or specific concurrence that I would define as the majority of the Board agreeing with a specific goal and the Board Member raising the issue specifying the method of achieving that goal. 

Discussion suggested that this board consider their own behavior changes toward making decisions and that “policy” would affect subsequent boards on their methods of making decisions. This evolved into a friendly amendment stating to remove the word “policy” and substitute the word “guideline” and suggested this guideline be included in the “On Boarding” Project rather than as an OPPM update.

Motion as amended Carried (4) Ayes (3) Nays (0) Abstain

Motion #10: Made by Larry, 2nd by Leanne: Move to authorize the Chair and or, if available, the Spanish Translation and Group Liaison [Ines] to travel to the conference “Addiction and its Affects on the Family” in Puerto Rico September 6 & 7, 2013 to present and or distribute literature provided that each acknowledges that they are only speaking of their own experiences and not on behalf of ACA WSO as a whole.  The costs of attending (travel and incidentals) are being paid for by the conference organizers.  

Discussion indicated different interpretations of the invitation to the “Addiction and Its Affects on the Family” being held in Puerto Rico September 6 & 7, 2013. FriendlyAmendmentto this motion states that if this conference is primarily English speaking that another board member (Leanne) should accompany Larry. If this conference is being presented primarily to and by Spanish speaking participants, our Spanish Translation and Group Liason (Ines) should accompany Larry. The board also asks for clarification on whether or not the invitation and/or provisions was for one or two speakers to attend.

Motion as amended Carried (unanimous)  

Guest Comments:   There was support offered regarding Motion 1 and appreciation for examples in transparency by this board. The UK commented that they are establishing a link with Ireland communications regarding ACA connections. UK is also involved on a committee of the ACA WSO that considers on how to keep the ACA Traditions in this technological age. There were references to the continued difficulties of certain programs within our computer network server and how well the home office responds to those difficulties. A suggestion was made to post a note in the shopping cart area to assure fellowship customers.

Announcements: The working session minutes are posted on the Repository. They can be found under the Meetings Minutes which provides a drop down for “Working Session Minutes.” Also posted are Progress Notes from the weekly meetings between the Chairman, the Treasurer and the WSO Staff. These notes can be found under WSO Office Reports/Minutes with the Progress Notes drop down tab.

The next ACA WSO Board Teleconference Meeting is scheduled for August 10, 2013 at   2:00 p.m., EST.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned by our Chairman and the Serenity Prayer at approximately 3:40 p.m. EST.

Minutes respectfully submitted by:

Karen Ragan, ACA WSO Board of Trustees, Secretary