The Progress Notes are being submitted by the Office Manager and the participating Board members so that the fellowship is apprised of the Staff and Board’s ongoing effort to effectively and efficiently discharge their duty to serve the fellowship by carrying the message to the adult child that suffers.


Progress Notes

Weekly Office Meeting

July 11, 2013


Opened with Serenity Prayer at 3:00 pm EST

Present: Chair, Treasurer and Office Manager.



Donate the Van – The donation has been arranged and Staff is waiting for it to be picked up. GONE 🙂


Tri-fold assortment – Waiting forBoard approval of aggressive Staples pricing. The Staples Fulfillment Center will deliver our print orders. Ordered copies of 5 tri-folds that were gone, or almost gone. Received lowest price. Have a few assortments assembled and will order them pre-assembled upon Board approval. Board previously understood that we had to order a threshhold amount to receive the discount, but Staff said we qualify for a non-profit program that gives us lowest prices that would be available to the private sector for quantity discounts. Board asked if individual tri-fold titles were being sent in separate manilla envelopes, which seems too time consuming. Staff will check to see if this is common practice.


UPS Shipping Prices and GoDaddy Shopping Cart– With GoDaddy’s refusal to upload the UPS shipping module, Webmaster has started an analysis of other potential hosts, including leads received from the UPS Solutions Rep. Staff have provided overview of current workflow relative to Intl orders. Examples being sent to us of shipping adjustments. Question about whether shipping issues are negatively impacting orders.


Mail Innovations Account – Staff will check with Accountant to make sure billing info being received is sufficient for her to tie back our payments to invoices.


Rewarehousing – Modular shelving in extra office room to be used to store the items from the warehouse. Two sets of shelves purchased and setup today; will house about 2 pallet positions of boxes, including damaged books; they will start moving tomorrow. Staff will take before and after pictures. When damaged books are discovered when boxes are opened, Bang credits us for shipping damage when we send pictures. Staff looks for patterns that usually mean a few damaged books. Chair noted that plan is for meditation book (MB) to go to print in November and will need warehouse space.  Will also get stock of 2 new pamphlets soon. Discussed doing pre-orders for MBs –

Chair will discuss with Webmaster and how orders that include other merchandise will be impacted by shipping costs. Treasurer will find out how MBs will be shipped and packed. Discussed reshipping in same boxes with new labels, but Staff said books are protected on pallets by shrinkwrapping so may have damage otherwise when not as well protected.


Shredding Project: Awaiting Board approval to shred 21-22 boxes of documents. Everything is over 4 years old and only order related, not financial or accounting related. Staff hoped to get this done asap to free up pallet position but delayed because of needed Board approval.


Staff Efficiency – Staff continue to document task/time detail in the GetMyTime system, but need better categories. Treasurer will talk to Webmaster to get better dropdown items in GetMyTime.


Bubblewrapping BRBs – Only two returns during pilot program of wrapping alternate layers. Will make this wrapping process permanent when new shipment of BRBs arrives.


File cabinet – Staff to move locking file cabinet into inner office. Chair will ask Accountant to send the information that needs to be kept in it, but this can wait until current projects are done.


New meeting packets – Staff expecting feedback from Staples re how printing of contents can be accommodated under our new pricing structure. Per Staff, Staples will be on site this week to discuss. After discussion, Treasurer will make motion to change pricing of New Meeting Packet (See new item below about bundling BRB, Workbook and New Meeting Packet).


Shrinkwrap machine: Staff will start investigating.


Volunteers – Two volunteers have come forward and Staff will be contacting them tomorrow.


Pay stubs – Only one person has difficulty, but was give the number to troubleshoot the issue. RESOLVED.


Contact Us email Inquiries: Problem with overlap of answers between Staff and Outreach. Outreach is sorting calls and the system has been clearing up.


Office Report: July’s report scheduled to be completed July 5th and sent to Board in plenty of time for July TC. Misunderstanding by Staff that Board didn’t need report as has previously been prepared; Board asked Staff to go back to what was done in the past.


Mismatch of Physical Inventory Figures: Staff, Treasurer and Accountant to straighten out the disparity between the reports.


Office Manager’s Responsibilities: More detailed information is being included in GetMyTime that reflects Office Manager’s recording of tasks and timing.


Office Manager and Tracking financial data: Staff being requested to review financials to get a better idea of the relationship between sales, cost of goods, and overhead costs, and knowing if we’re running a deficit. Board member working on spreadsheet that hope to show a better snapshot of this information. Staff finding this information very useful. RESOLVED. <<see below, “” in “New Business”>>


Approval of Schedule of hours – Schedules being adjusted. Final versions to be posted and sent asap. Clarified that this will give Treasurer a baseline of information when time must be approved for payroll. Final schedule and actual worked hours to be sent to the Treasurer in advance of the work period.


Biometric scanner: In-process: Staff had researched some information with Webmaster/Tech in-process. Board also researching.


Unemployment Claims: Unemployment claim of employee from 2012. Letter was sent to challenge the claim.


Warehouse Shelving – Staff to inquire into feasibility of adding shelving in warehouse.On hold.


Possible bundling of BRB, Workbook, and New Meeting Packet: Could provide incentive to open more meetings.

Access to Archived Materials. Ask webmaster open a space for staff to upload material.


New Business:

Office Manager and Tracking financial data, cont:  In looking over the financial reports recently included for review, Staff noticed a charge associated with an account the office does not use.  Staff reported noticing that we are being charged by although the office doesn’t use the service and the service was not ever used outside of a test/trial environment during the THUB review process .


Closed with Serenity Prayer at 5:02 pm EST