The Progress Notes are being submitted by the Office Manager and the participating Board members so that the fellowship is apprised of the Staff and Board’s ongoing effort to effectively and efficiently discharge their duty to serve the fellowship by carrying the message to the adult child that suffers.


Progress Notes

Weekly Office Meeting

September 12, 2013

Opened at 3:05 pm EST

Opened with Serenity Prayer

Present: Chair, Treasurer, Trustee, Office Manager & Staff. 


Chatted about Office Manager and Staff’s departure.




Shredding Project: Staff is adding others box of items; appointment has not been set. 


File cabinet – Chair to talk to staff about how to put the physical file together.


Volunteers – No one has volunteered over the last two weeks.  Received call from a group of 4-5 folks who want to see the warehouse and may potentially volunteer. Staff will follow-up to determine the visitor’s expectations. 


Mismatch of Physical Inventory Figures: Treasurer relayed the information that the Accountant recommends that we conducted monthly.  It’s too hard to trace shrinkage in inventory when not doing it monthly.   Note from Treasurer: Another reason not mentioned for needing to do monthly inventory is to be audit ready. We need to account for shrinkage for tax purposes.


Warehouse Shelving – resource person who did a walk through and who will provide schematic and vendor resource list will also have information about void fill machines.  Office Manager will contact her to see what she has determined. 


Purchase Order System – Treasurer has received a new P.O. form from the Accountant that will be forwarded to the office for review. 


Meditation Book – If it is cost effective for us to do so, an email will be sent to foreign Intergroups to see if they want to participate in a seeding project. 


Void Fill: Need Staff to give input to Gloria about their sense of where a void fill machine would fit in the warehouse and how it can positively impact the workflow. 


One staff member has indicated she’s resigning, but no letter has been officially sent to the Board. 



Schedules – Staff suggests shifting Saturday work schedule to Sunday to have more orders ready to be filled on Monday morning.  Staff to compile a new schedule and coverage scheme for the Board to consider.


Closed with Serenity Prayer at 4:43 pm EST