December 14, 2013

Opening:  The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 2:00 p.m. EST by Larry A, Chairman, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

Concept 12 was read by Karen R., Secretary

Board members present:  Larry A., Joan B., Mary Jo L., Karen R., Vonnie G., and Leanne S.    A quorum was established. Allen C., Trustee joined the call later.

Guest Introductions:  Guests who chose to introduce themselves at this time included (number of TC meetings attended shown in parenthesis if announced): Majbrit, Denmark (9); Ines, NY (9); Katia, CT. (1st); Amy, IL (1st); Doug, NJ (several); Kathy, Fl (1st); John M, CA (2); Susan, CO (2); Martin, England (numerous); Mike, NJ (1st); Tammy, NY; Pam (Intergroup); Troy, TN (2).

A.  Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the November 9, 2013 meeting were approved as posted.  (Karen)

B.  Committee Reports: 

1.  Treasurer, Mary Jo L.  The Treasurer Committee submitted a budget to the Board for review. The full Treasurer Report is on the Repository. 

2.  Literature Committee: Almost 1100 Meditation books have been sold since their availability.  Over 3,000 BRB e-Books have been sold since their availability.  The Spanish Translation of the BRB continues to make progress.  One of the difficulties is the time zone factor with the volunteers being from across the U.S.  Efforts at standardization of literature continues.  The audio version of the BRB hopefully will be complete by the end of this month.  We have a new volunteer (John: [email protected]) who is gathering info to develop guidelines for starting ACA Intergroups.  The full Literature report may be found on the Repository.

3.  Distribution Office:  Office staff will be rotating in providing reports for the fellowship via teleconferences.

4.  Outreach, Vonnie G., Outreach continues to be available for both member and public service information regarding meetings here and abroad.  The full report can be found on the Repository.

5.  Hospitals and Institutions (H & I), Information regarding addresses and lists of prisons in each state for an outreach project are starting to come in.  The full H & I report can be found on the Repository. 

6.  Website/Database, Scott R reports efforts at phasing out his involvement as the ACA Webmaster as efforts continue with the Website’s renewal and upgrade.  The full report can be found on the Repository.

7.  European Activity Report, Majbrit M reports efforts to propose establishing a European office for the ACA WSO and reports continued traffic from the Danish Intergroup working on BRB translations.  The European Activity Report may be found on the Repository.

8.  Social Media Committee Working Group  Martin offers his final report with the unanimous recommendation from the working group that Tradition 11 be amended to add clarification to varying forms of media. Report shall be posted on the Repository.

9.  2014 ABC:  Joan reports on the site of the 2014 ABC as being held at the Campus of Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL and names several area hotels to accommodate.  Full report can be found on the Repository.

10.  Executive Committee Report:  (Larry) There have been format changes in the presentations on the Events page on the website.

C.  Old Business:

1.  A motion was made by Mary Jo and 2nd to approve the submitted budget for 2014.

Motion Carried (unanimous)

2.  The floor was opened for nomination for the position of ACA WSO Trustee.  There were no further nominations brought forward.  Nominees Majbrit M., from Denmark and Ines Z., from New York were both elected unanimously to the ACA WSO Board of Trustees.

D.  New Business      

Motion #1 made by Larry and 2nd, that the Board pay expenses estimated to be $1,890 of the trip by the WSO Chair and Treasurer to go to the ACA WSO Distribution Center.

Motion Carried (unanimous)

Motion #2made by Larry and 2nd that the WSO authorize the expenditure of $260 for legal fees and costs to copyright the Meditation Book, Strengthening My Recovery.

Motion Carried (unanimous)

Guest Comments: Questions were asked about availability of reformatted, standardized tri-folds; about ACA teens (see Chapter 18 of BRB), and suggestions of autonomous groups decisions of opening bank accounts.  One member flagged us as to a potential error message when folks were submitting ABC proposals electronically.  It was verified that ABC proposals must be submitted by Dec. 31st to insure time for group consciences to be gathered.  There were questions about the ABC and transportation assistance to attendees from out of country.  Past board members suggested appreciation for the direction of the new board.  And congratulations were offered to the newly elected WSO Trustees.

Announcements:  The next ACA WSO Board Teleconference Meeting was announced as scheduled for January 11, 2014 at 2:00 p.m., EST.  We also announced the 2014 ABC being held the last weekend of April (25-27, 2014) in Chicago, IL.

Adjournment: The motion to adjourn was made and 2nd.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:18 p.m. EST and closed with the Serenity Prayer.

Minutes respectfully submitted by;  Karen Ragan, ACA/WSO Board of Trustees, Secretary