2014 ABC Committee Report: February 2014

Two members of the West Great Lakes Intergroup ABC Committee met with Joan, the Board liaison, via a teleconference call on February 3rd.
Discussion topics were of food plans, needing numbers of people attending, the ballot submissions timeline, who pays for decorations, fun activities, and mailings.
Gloria, an office employee for the board, is handling gathering of ballots responses when they come in and she also sent the ballots out to the fellowship point of contacts.
Copies of materials needed for packets, etc., may be made in California and shipped to Chicago, as this is a more feasible option.
Final decisions and information will be gathered in March, and posted as soon as feasible on the website, so delegates and members can have all the information and the finalized plans available that they will need to participate in the ABC.
Members attending are encouraged to register for the ABC by April 12th so the probable number in attendance can be gained.
All members should register online using the registration form on the 2014 ABC link, even if they are not a delegate. Delegates attending too should register so enough delegate packets are compiled.

Respectfully submitted by Joan B, 2014 ABC Board Liaison.