ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. There could easily be 300 million adult children in the world, so the work ahead remains steady. But we make progress each day. p.536

In November, we received 325 requests. I emailed 710 answers. As for telephone calls, we got 25 that I returned using Skype for anonymity.  

International connections made this month:

Zambia, Sweden, Australia, Germany, UK, Greece, Canada, Turkey, Denmark, Spain, Norway,  South Africa, Kenya,Tanzania, Italy, Israel, 

Remarkable events:

 ———– Around the world: I made a word document contact list for all the email addresses in Africa that I’ve had correspondence with. I asked permission and forwarded this list to those agreeing. I hope this will build ACA in Africa since the whole continent only has 3 ACA meetings. Zambia’s meeting told me her meeting was started in 2012 when a member from USA was visiting and since her meeting is the only one in her country, she is afforded the Starter Kit as grandfathered by our 1st meeting in country package. Israel got a helping hand in shipping costs. Australia is starting another meeting in Queensland. Puerto Rico reached out for s/h help. I remind meetings over and over that making copies of trifolds for registered meetings and outreach is 100% okay. The trifolds are a single sheet of paper that is folded in 3. Our Greece member reported that she received her literature. Translation related  from Russia Finland, Greece & Puerto Rico. Norway reached out on how to make an ACA event on the last Saturday of January (our new ACA anniversary). The S AF meeting changed locations but is still running strong and they sent 2 meeting flyers that are great.

———– Intergroups: CO IG confirmed they’re doing well. CCA IG had ideas for the ComLine. IGSC (Intergroup Sub Committee) sent out a group email to Intergroups. PA IG asked about using ACA Logo on their site and they have a new IG contact person. Spain’s IG reached out. NY IG celebrating ACA Anniversary. Having the IGSC is really helpful for me.

———–ACA Teen: – I sent an exciting H&I Teen request to Joan.

———-ABC: -A Kansas group of meetings considered hosting the ABC, I linked them with IL IG for support; they followed up and passed on hosting. 

———–Teamwork: Gloria 39, Office 17, Majbrit 10,  MaryJo 4, Ines-1 FYI, Larry 9, Joan 3, IGSC 7, Executive Board: 0, MPS Committee-person Jude: 37 (plus numerous emails for information).

———–Events:   3 events were posted (S. Ca convention, NY IG, Telephone Thanksgiving Marathon) . There are 4 Non WSO sponsored events listed. There are 2 WSO sponsored events listed: The yearly Annual Business Conference and the monthly Teleconference. An unwanted junk email was sent out again from the same email addressee to POC’s and when confronted the sender justified the mailing saying that it was okay as per IG guidelines, however those guidelines are not vetted or ABC approved yet. It is clear on the website that the meeting contacts are not to be used to send out flyers. Two event hyperlinks became corrupted so we fixed that. I’m helping Norway to create an event.

———– Public Information related: Here is a list of who is arranging for BBI packages:  Boston therapist, a PH. D. in OH, a worker in SC, a counselor in VA, 2 Healthcare workers in Ca, a worker in British Columbia, I do “cold calling” monthly to professionals and institutions and this month I reached out to the Emily Program Eating Disorders Clinic, Michael Seabaugh from Appendix A, The Trauma Center Justice Resource Institute where Bessel VanDer Kolk works in Boston. I updated the ACA contact information for San Diego Access and Crisis Line catalog and gave our information to a Louisiana Health Clinic, and the Network of Care’s Service Directory in Delaware (a result of cold calling from an email I received in Junk Mail). — A professor at a PA university asked if she could reference the Laundry List in an activity to be included in a workbook titled “Group Work Experts Share Their Favorite Activities for the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorder”; she and I worked together. A Health Systems Management student reached out for help with a power point and I gave it to Sam. A student from a MI university asked for the closest Specialty Program in Alcohol & Drug Abuse Medical Disorders asking where to go for field work.

———–From the fellowshipTelephone meetings: 4 concerns 2 anonymous complaints, 2 requests for guidance I contacted a conference phone company to ask if any number had been blocked or banned. A member mentioned that there are many meetings where there is no service. Facebook: Member is concerned about a facebook page calling itself ACA and it’s posting large amounts of literature, I sent to Larry.  Issues: Religious sharing people, Bible based prayers, dominating service, controlling people, website hacked (and was fixed), our ACA meeting is for AA’s only, Alanon member asking to start ACA meeting, we’ve been meeting since the 80’s using Melody Beattie’s book is that okay, I need meetings for my grown grandchildren, What do I do when someone accosts women after the meeting? What’s the right way to use non program literature in a registered meeting? My book bindings are falling apart. Can the meditation book be in eBook format? Could the 4×4 literature on the homepage be transgender friendly and is it okay to print it?

—–Common requests:   =How do we donate, Meeting Insurance, 501C questions, Can we order on the phone, How do we cancel our meeting, Will you be my sponsor, Is the meeting going to be there when I arrive, Speakers recordings/podcasts, If we study Tony A’s steps or his book are there certain rules we should know, Where’s the ComLine?=