ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. There could easily be 300 million adult children in the world, so the work ahead remains steady. But we make progress each day. p.536

 In the month of January, we received 403 requests. I emailed 534 answers. As for telephone calls, we got 111 that I returned using Skype for anonymity.

International connections made this month:

UK Sweden Australia Canada Denmark Iceland Finland Japan Germany Slovakia South Africa Taiwan  New Zealand

Remarkable events:


The board voted by specific concurrence that when a meeting is started in a country without ACA, WSO will supply them with a New Meeting Packet free of all charges and that those meetings that started previous to this (Columbia Puerto Rico Mongolia Taiwan South Africa & Honduras), would be able to benefit from this too. At the Teleconference it will be voted on for the record. I reached out to all of the 2013 “first in country” meetings to see how they are doing and do they need literature? South Africa responded and we got her fixed up. Taiwan responded and is getting a New Meeting Packet for free. The response he gave: We, at the Formosan Group, would like to express our deepest gratitude for helping us get our meeting started. Thank you to everyone who took part in making this happen. Higher Power has an amazing way of providing so long as we seek his will for us! On the road to recovery

Slovakia contacted us about getting lit for 1st meeting in country. I responded & am waiting reply. (EU Majbrit)

A member from Iceland reached out for help since her country has no meetings, I encouraged her to gather ACA friends and start one with our help of free literature.
An American member emailed asking for Japanese literature and meetings in Japan so that she can introduce her family to ACA.

A member from Prague of the Czech Republic contacted asking for a price on 2 BRB’s I am waiting for a response to my inquiry about their ACA meeting number.(EU Majbrit)

I reached out to a New Zealand member to see if they need help with shipping as she is considering starting the 4th meeting in country.

———–ACA Teen:
Update from the Las Vegas ACA Teen meeting: “Well we had our 2nd meeting of ACA Teen and the teens are so sweet!! There are 5 right now and they can only meet every other week right now because they are with their Moms every other week. The Dad’s are not on board yet so we meet every other week just for now. Well thanks to all of you getting the new meeting package out to us I asked if any one would like a chip and a hug at the end of the meeting. I explained that they did not have to take a chip and they did not have to have a hug either. Well all 5 stood up and all 5 wanted a hug and a chip!!! My heart was so full! The shares are so precious. I did what Majrit suggested and made all the readings in the present tense and changed the format and readings to read ACA Teen. They loved it and they love that it’s their meeting and that we make decisions by a group conscience! I am full every time I leave. Sometimes they share and sometimes I begin with my experience strength and hope and they follow. What a beautiful experience for all of us. Thanks again for your help and sincere interest and Love!”

sent Majbrit 11 requests for a wide variety of EU requests. 

I sent Joan: 1) a member who wants help in bringing ACA information to public fairs and start an ACA Teen meeting at a High School in the Dallas area. 2) A HS teacher doing a project on “empathy” requested help for a student who chose alcoholism for his topic. 3) An Army Substance Program reached out for ACA information. 

Gloria continues to be an unfailing source of help. Ines is always there for Spanish translation help.

———–Public Information related:
A Canadian Self Help Organization reached out to verify the meetings that they list for us.
I updated the “First Call For Help, Inc” with ACA contact details for their catalogue

By board concurrence there will be a consistent effort to ship to professionals, health care providers etc., an MPS package of text, trifolds letters. 

A person wrote to say: that they are working on a thesis titled ‘Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACoAs) in the Counselling Relationship’  to explore how this relationship is affected if both, the counsellor and the client, are ACAs.  I encouraged purchase of the BRB for his research since one chapter is devoted to ACA and Therapy. 

The District 11 Central AA office contacted us to order literature

—–Common comments:

More than twice a month every month I hear the following: —Do you have a sponsor list? Where’s the ComLine? I went but the meeting wasn’t there! I’d like all literature in electronic form.
Once or twice, every month we get: —-Do you have a list of therapists? Do you have any literature in large print? How do I get meeting insurance? I need to help my family member find ACA. How can I find a good therapist?

And for the question I’ve never been asked……..

 Do members have to be sober to attend an ACA meeting?

I’ve seldom had a question that the literature can not answer. If anyone wants answers to any questions I’ve listed or a way to get a chance to effect ACA recovery world-wide, you may email [email protected]