The financials for the month of November show that WSO remains in good financial shape.  Click here for the Balance Sheet to see that even with the expenditure of the website, liquid assets (cash and merchandise in the warehouse) total $295,000.  A year ago that

amount was $244,685.  We are in a position of now being able to make capital improvements to the warehouse to expand space with pallet racks in order to ensure we always have enough inventory on hand and be able to buy in quantities that provide the best financial benefit to the fellowship. 

The Profit and Loss Statement shows that the Net Income in November was $8,628.  We show two cost centers, as many of you know from being on these calls.  Most of the members of the Board met in Nashville last month for a Strategic Planning Session for a very intensive three days.  The cost of that meeting caused the WSO cost center to dip into the negative column, but the Distribution Center numbers (about $4,000 more than November of 2013) were good enough to show the overall profit I already mentioned. 

The Treasury Committee met one time in November.  Martin C. and I discussed creating a new budget, end of year financials in preparation for the 2015 ABC, and further guidelines to put checks and balances in place. 

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer and Trustee