Adult Children of Alcoholics–World Service Organization


Monthly Teleconference

Saturday, January 10, 2015

2:00 p.m. EST

Access number: 712.432.0075, Pin 427266#   Press *6 to mute or un-mute. Please notify the secretary with changes, additions, or motions for this meeting.

A. Call to Order:   

B. Roll Call of Board Members:

C. Establish Quorum

D. Guests Introductions:

E. Approval of December 13, 2014 Teleconference Minutes as posted on the website. (Karen)

F. Committee Reports:

           1. ACA WSO Treasurer, Mary Jo L.

            2ACA WSO Literature Committee, Larry A

             a.  Audio Book Project (Larry)

             b.  Vetting Intergroup Guidlines (Larry) 

             c.  Re-launch of ComLine (Phyllis)

            d.  Ready Set GO, Toronto Step Study Guide and Re-work of Workbook.

         3. ACA WSO Distribution Office, Sam

         4. ACA (MPS) Members and Public Service Committee,Vonnie G

        5. Hospitals & Institutions Committee, Joan B

        6. Intergroup Liaison Committee, Martin C.

        7.ACA Website/Database Committee, Larry

        8. European Committee, Majbrit M

        9. OPPM Review Committee, Karen

      10. 2015 ABC Committee, Mary Jo

      11. Executive Committee, Joan B.

G. Old Business:

H. New Business:

Motion 1: To approve Austin, Texas, as the site of the 2015 ABC, to be hosted by the Lone Star ACA Intergroup.  (Mary Jo)

Background: The Lone Star ACA Intergroup tried to contact the ABC Committee Chair twice, and even though somehow the communication got dropped, we got word that they had already started researching venues.  Their preliminary team of four people are ready to do the work, and have arranged for a venue that will be within the WSO budget in the Downtown Austin area, near the food and entertainment districts. Austin has an advanced public transportation system that will eliminate the need for the cost of car rentals or the type of volunteer van service we had in 2014 to get people to and from the airport, etc.  Our choosing to select their offer is supportive of the Austin ACA community’s desire to give service to WSO.

Motion #2:  To combine duplicate proposals submitted for the ABC Ballot for the sake of clarity and brevity.  (Mary Jo)
Background:  Because there is the possibility of a limitless number of groups submitting the same proposal with the mistaken belief that it carries more weight by doing so, combining duplicates into one main proposal is a fair and equitable way of presenting proposals to the Fellowship.  It will also help keep the size of the ballots manageable for groups who wish to participate in the ballot process. 

Motion #3: That the Board validate on the record the Board’s Specific Concurrence to add an extra day to their stay after the ABC to work on the Strategic Plan. (Joan)
Background:  Members of the Board who met for the November Strategic Planning Meeting in Nashville recommended that instead of having the Board meet two times per year in addition to meeting at the ABC, as was done in 2014, that it would be more cost effective to have an abbreviated one-day strategic planning meeting after the ABC.  This extra day would allow time for the Plan to be updated and create the opportunity to integrate ballot items that were passed at the ABC, as well make it possible for timely reporting to the Fellowship of the planned implementation of those items.  The once yearly dedicated Strategic Planning Session would be held in the Fall. 

Motion #4: That the Board validate on the record the Board’s Specific Concurrence to offer the 5×7 hard cover, meditation book for $12. (Larry)

Background:  This is a larger, better constructed meditation book that was brought forward after the Board received some complaints about the original smaller, soft cover.

Motion #5: To validate on the record the Board’s specific concurrence to send complimentary copies of the resized meditation book to current Board members, our webmaster, the contributors (writers, editors and artistic), staff and accountant for a total of between 40-45 copies. (Larry)

Background: The sending of sample of the resized new literature to those who made it possible is a simple acknowledgement of their contributions.

Motion #6: That the Board validate on the record the Board’s Specific Concurrence to pay $300 for laying out the Laundry Lists and Their Flip Sides. (Larry) 

Background:  The 4×4 write up was laid out in advance of the 2014 ABC and this payment will cover the cost of editing due to fellowship input, editorial changes, restyling the cover, and producing a printer ready document.

Motion #7: That the Board validate on the record the Board’s Specific Concurrence to give the Office Manager a monthly spending limit of $200 for miscellaneous office expenditures.  Completed Purchase Orders and receipts for everything will be required to be submitted to the Treasurer and Accountant for checks and balances.     (Mary Jo)
Background:  The previous Distribution Center Supervisor had a spending limit of approximately $400 per occurrence.  When the Treasury Committee created the Purchase Order system in mid-2013, it required that all expenditures be pre-approved.  Because it is prudent for the Office Manager to have some discretion to expedite routine purchases, this monthly limit will allow the business to run as smoothly as possible and decrease the burden on the Treasurer as well as prevent delays on these smaller purchases.

Motion 8:   That the Board validate on the record the Board’s Specific Concurrence that the previous fiscal year’s official financials be reported at each Annual Business Conference, along with a short summary of the first quarter of the current year’s financials. (Mary Jo) 

Background:  As ACA WSO grows, we may come under increased scrutiny regarding our financial position.  Because our fiscal year ends December 31st of each year, and because we are a corporation that holds an annual business meeting in a similar manner that other corporate entities do, it is appropriate that WSO finances be professionally reported at that meeting showing the final and official tax-ready figures for the previous fiscal year.  This is standard corporate practice.  An addendum should also be included with the financial report that provides a  brief summary of year-to-date figures (January through end of March) to show any trends that may have taken place during the first quarter of the year.  

Motion #9: That the Board replace the previous seed-funding program with a new program facilitated by the Distribution Center (DC) in Signal Hill.  The seed-funding program is intended to help non-U.S. Intergroups or groups of meetings make their first purchase of books, and once sold, become a self-sustaining effort on their part.  Because this literature will be shipped from the DC, the minimum book order is 20, but the order can also include any of the items we sell.  This first order will be discounted 20% with an added 20% discount of the most economical shipping rate.  For this first order only, the additional accommodation is that it may be paid for in installments, with 1/3 of the cost as a down payment and the remainder due as the books are sold.  (Martin) 

Background:  This program is part of a continued effort to make ACA literature more accessible to ACAs throughout the world.  New Intergroups and groups of meetings outside of the U.S. have the disadvantage of paying a great deal more for shipping costs.  The original seed funding program offered a large reduction in shipping because our book publisher shipped them directly from their facility using their more discounted rates.  We also offered the installment payment plan that allowed groups the opportunity to get the books when they weren’t able to afford the entire order up front.  Now, because our publisher is no longer willing to ship directly, the Board has developed a new policy to continue to accommodate such sales.  We recognize that any such policy should be subject to Board-agreed modifications based on needs of economically disadvantaged countries

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