Adult Children of Alcoholics–World Service Organization


Monthly Teleconference

Saturday, March 14, 2015

2:00 p.m. EST

Access number: 712.432.0075, Pin 427266#   Press *6 to mute or un-mute. Please notify the secretary with changes, additions, or motions for this meeting.

A. Call to Order:

          1) Open with the Serenity Prayer

          2) Tradition Three: The only requirement for membership in ACA is a desire to recover from the effects of growing up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional family.

B. Roll Call of Board Members:Larry A., Chair, and Literature Committee Chairperson; Joan B., Vice Chair and Hospital and Institutions Committee Chair; Mary Jo L., Treasurer; Karen R, Secretary; Vonnie G., MPS Chair and Trustee; Allen C., Literature Committee Member and Trustee; Majbrit M., European Committee Chair and Trustee; Ines Z, Spanish Liaison and Spanish Translations Committee Chair and Trustee, and Martin C, Finance Committee member and Trustee

C. Establish Quorum

D. Guests Introductions:

E. Minutes: Motion to approve the February 14, 2015 Teleconference Minutes.

F. Committee Reports:

            1. ACA WSO Treasurer, Mary Jo L.

            2. ACA WSO Literature Committee, Larry A

               a.  Audio Book Project (Larry)

               b.  Vetting Intergroup Guidlines (Larry) 

               c.  Re-launch of ComLine (Phyllis)

               d.  Ready Set GO, Toronto Step Study Guide and Re-work of Workbook.

          3. ACA WSO Distribution Office, Sam

          4. ACA (MPS) Members and Public Service Committee,Vonnie G

          5. Hospitals & Institutions Committee, Joan B

          6. Intergroup Liaison Committee, Martin C.

          7. ACA Website/Database Committee, Larry

            8. European Committee, Majbrit M

            9. OPPM Review Committee, Karen

            10. 2015 ABC Committee, Mary Jo

            11. Executive Committee, Joan B.

G. Old Business:

H. New Business:

Motion #1: To validate for the record the specific concurrence by the Board to allow overage for February’s $50.00 monthly H & I Committee budget. (Joan)

Motion #2:  To validate for the record the specific concurrence by the Board to have the H & I Committee’s monthly budget increased to a monthly expenditure of $300.00, with anything over that amount requiring Board approval.  (Joan)

Motion #3: That Martin C., a WSO Trustee and service volunteer of the Social Media issue since the 2013 ABC in Copenhagen, be allowed to participate in the 2015 ABC via Skype during the portion of the meeting devoted to this motion, if technologically possible.

Motion #4: That if it can be logistically arranged, that the 2015 ABC be broadcast through the WSO Teleconference line to allow those not in attendance to hear what is taking place.  All callers (through the dashboard operator) will be placed on mute and will not be able to actively participate in the proceedings.  (Mary Jo)  

Motion #5: To accept Joan B’s offer to volunteer time and service performing the clerical portion of the secretarial duties of transcribing teleconference minutes and preparing agendas and posting such items on the Repository; in the event Joan would need to resign from these duties, the Board shall receive notification one month in advance of the expected resignation date from Joan.  (Joan) 

Motion #6:To approve payment of the final bill for development of the website. (Larry)

Motion #7: To approve payment of the 1st month’s installment for maintenance of the web site. (Larry)

Motion #8: To approve the inaugural re-publication of the ComLine on line and via email for free while the Literature Committee investigates the feasibility of being able to sell electronic and or hard copy subscriptions to subsequent editions. (Larry)

Guest Comments:

Announcements: The next ACA WSO Board Teleconference is scheduled April 11, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. EST.


Close with the Serenity Prayer