The Intergroup liaison sub committee hopes to can be of service to the fellowship by being a route for communication to and from and between Intergroups, while not replacing anything which currently exists. We have continued to help with requests from those who email us. We’ve also provided a forum for some members to provide opinions about matters within the fellowship.

It would make sense to now ask a few more trusted Servants into the committee’s work, but we are also keen that we provide a place where Intergroups can help each other without direction from the centre.

We discussed some issues today concerning the new website. We have noticed that quite a few Intergroups which were registered on the old website don’t appear on the new one. While we expect this is because of the length of time since they last re-registered, at least one seemed to us to be a fairly new one. Some we have been in contact with very recently.

The relevant intergroups are from around the world including in the USA.

I will research this further, and we intend to contact all known intergroups via their email address , and contacts we know who serve Intergroups, asking them to re-register if they aren’t shown on the website. If you are on the teleconference, please check your IGs registration

Secondly, we believe that Intergroups are now required to provide a postal address which appears on the website, and believe this was not a requirement beforehand. Given that very little, if any, communication from WSO comes by post. I will ask the Board to review this.

I thank Bonnie for her service and for all those who have contacted us.

Martin C 14/3/2015