March 2019 Meeting

3/23/19 12pm-1:30pm ET

(Minutes Taken by: Josh W)

Dial-in number (US): (605) 472-5600

Access code: 241973#

International dial-in numbers:

Online meeting ID: intergroups

Join the online meeting:


Attendees: Bonnie K-M (IGSC Chair; TX), Tamara (IGSC Vice-Chair; MN IG), Matt K (IGSC Web/DB Liaison; West Great Lakes IG; WI), Carole C (Member Svcs Chair; Greater Western Region; CA), Josh W (IGSC Secretary; NCA IG; DC)


Opening: Serenity Prayer

1/26/18 Minutes Review/Approval:  APPROVED

Open Service Positions: N/A


Old Business:

  • One- time list of IGs and contacts: (Matt K <-> Jim B)
    • STATUS: Received in Jan2019; Carole (as Member Svcs Chair) holds


  • “Say Hi” Letter:
    • Status: Carole to take though Member Services (through Slack) to then go to the Board (working sessions every other week)
    • Dependencies:
      • Board Approval of Final Draft
      • sending out (via MailChimp – Tamara/Josh talk to Sharon/Gloria) – note: need to have reply capability
    • MOTION: re-pull the list when letter ready to go. FAILS
    • Informal agreement: If Matt can get public list from Jim in a week or two use that; otherwise fall back upon list already in Carole’s possession.


  • Needs Assessment Survey
    • Draft: Josh, Tamara have completed draft; group to review
    • Intent:
      • (1) How can WSO (better) help your IG?
      • (2) Here is what is currently available from WSO.
      • (3) What are the Challenges/Hopes faced by your IG?
    • Dependencies: get feedback from “Say Hi” letter
    • Target send date: NLT end of Q2 2019


  • Web/DB Asks (Matt K <-> Jim B)
    • In the queue/backlog
      • Self-Service Reporting for List of IG info. Ask is for IGSC to be able to generate Report directly (self-serve, a la button on website)
      • Intergroup committee chair to receive an email when Intergroup updates info; new Intergroup is registered.
      • Website users can see unaffiliated meetings in “my” area.
      • Which Intergroups are in “my” area, which one could my group join? Find an Intergroup map like Find Meeting map.
      • Master Calendar of (Intergroup?) Events (and WSO Committee Meetings?) on the website.
      • A list of all Intergroups’ updated information, sent to Intergroups committee every quarter or every six months or other time frame.


  • Jim B: I request assistance with reviewing the Intergroup links and pages on – The website committee is looking at broken links and other issues. Your guidance is greatly appreciated – thanks! Ask is for somebody to report broken links.
    • Josh to do, will reach out to Tamara if need help.


“Parking Lot”

  • Update Mission Statement: HOLD/TABLE until get more feedback from fellowship (say Hi Letter/Needs Assessment)
  • Create Vision Statement
  • Survey (shoot for Q2): Assess IGs’ sense of WSO Performance/Responsiveness/Helpfulness


New Business

  • Review content on new webpage: For Intergroups (Bonnie will take)
  • Table at ABC: use NomCom’s table to share info on Intergroups and the IGSC.
  • Whether to use Zoom or similar in the future


Ongoing Projects

  • Review the list of IGs globally and contact info for completeness and accuracy.


Deliverables for next meeting:

  • Carole to take “Say Hi” letter though Member Services (through Slack) to then go to the Board (working sessions every other week)
  • Tamara/Josh talk to Sharon/Gloria re MailChimp for “Say Hi” letter
  • Josh to review IG lists for dead links to IG websites (will reach out to Tamara if need help)
  • Bonnie to review content on new webpage: For Intergroups


MOTION: Skip meeting in April, resume in May.  (Continue progress on deliverables via Slack in the meantime) APPROVED

Close: ACA Serenity Prayer