For January 2015
Four orders were sent out to inmates around the country in January.
Another order was sent to a counselor at a prison after she heard about the BRB from an inmate.

A form letter was developed that explains ACA’s reasons for not keeping a list of sponsors and penpals, and how an inmate may go about getting a list of meetings upon release from the institution.
The letter will be included in orders that have requested that information along with their request for literature.
A H&I Handbook has been developed. The literature committee will do its work on it now to take it through the steps needed to make it available to the fellowship in the future.
This handbook will likely be improved upon and added to by others in the fellowship who have knowledge and experience in H&I work. But, this is a beginning. This handbook gives the important information needed to be able to move forward with the development of H&I committees throughout the world.
Humbly submitted by
Joan B
H&I Chair