Hospitals & Institutions Monthly Report

October 2015

A survey was sent out around the 11th of October to registered Intergroups to learn whether or not they are doing H&I service work and to gather their input on what the H&I committee and Board can do to assist them. The Survey is open until December 15th. So far only 4 IGs have responded, and one of those is questionable as to its authenticity.

I am considering having the survey sent to all the groups also, as some of those may be doing H&I work and do not have an IG to connect with.

Requests continue to come in for someone to come to the groups to assist in setting up H&I work, or at least have a recording telling them how to do it. The release of the H&I handbook will assist in some of that, but, as I read the requests, what really needs to happen is that the process be spelled out step by step for people to follow. I am giving thought to how to do this in a recorded format and a written format, besides what the handbook contains.

I realized also that the H&I focus in recent years has been on getting meetings into prisons and getting books to inmates. That is a noble goal, but besides taking meetings into prisons and jails, there is another avenue that may be easier for some people to do and is also needed. That is to donate books to libraries: local city libraries, college libraries, church libraries; also to treatment programs, mental health agencies, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. Distributing some of the ACA trifolds to many of those same institutions and agencies would also be a good service.