Member and Public Service Committee

 Written by Denise D.

ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. There could easily be 300 million adult children in the world, so the work ahead remains steady. But we make progress each day. p.536


January 1, 2016 – January 31, 2016

Emails Received: 664

Emails Sent: 464

Vonage Voice Mails: 105

International connections made:

Australia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, London, Netherlands, Prague, United Kingdom

———– Teamwork: As always, I thank the WSO and all involved in assisting me with helpful information and feedback to provide the most helpful information to all the Adult Children who reach out to us for assistance. Also, Vonnie, who has volunteered with helping MPS with the voicemails, and questions that I have needed help with. Thank you so much Vonnie!

———–From the fellowship: Most common emails are about Finding Meetings, Meeting Changes, How to start New Meetings, and Literature Order Information. Most Voicemails are about Finding Meetings, Meeting Changes, Literature and Order Information. There were a lot of newcomers this month asking for assistance about ACA and meeting information.