TREASURER’S REPORT: The 7th Tradition Contributions for March totaled $6,268. The individual contributions that make up that amount, as well as contributions for previous months, can be located on the Donations sub-tab under Treasurer’s Report. 

The format of the Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) has been changed to reflect the Gross Sales before any direct expenses are attached, such as Cost of Goods Sold. Gross Sales for March was $70,943. This included a large sale of books and translated BRBs and Workbooks to the Danish Intergroup. On page 3 there is a breakdown of expenses thusfar for this month’s ABC in Florida. That includes an offset of the amount collected for Attendee Registrations.

Overall Net Income shown at the bottom of the P&L was $14,900. The Balance Sheet is also available as well as the Piecharts that depict income and expenses.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Members Bill D., Jeffrey F., Mary Jo L.

We have worked on the following items since the last TC: enhancing the Fiscal Policy in the OPPM; examining TransferWise as a less expensive payment method when wire transfers are required; completing setup of Amazon UK for selling books in Europe at a lower cost; changes to the Chart of Accounts, some of which is already reflected in the current P&L Statement mentioned in the Treasurer’s Report; less expensive shipping using Media Mail and Library Mail; interpretation of the Executive Board approval of expenses under $500. We plan to start tracking the P&L on each of our books and translations. We will also be working on 2015 budget vs. actual figures as well as the 2016 budget after the ABC. Although it will be late, our Treasurer did not have a Committee for several months during the timeframe when this would have been discussed.


Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer and Board Trustee