The Ballot Prep Committee has recently sent out the first of two courtesy Call for Proposals reminder emails to all of the registered ACA groups and Intergroups across the globe.  Most members do not know that they can submit Proposals all through the year, there is no need to wait until they receive the WSO courtesy email

PLEASE NOTE :  The emails were sent to the group contact on file with the WSO office.  If your group info is not current then you may not receive the email.  If your group did not get one please contact ACA WSO or email me at or go to the ACA website at where you can access it through the web link. 

The deadline for submission is September 30, 2016 if your proposed item is to be considered for this year’s Group Conscience Ballot going out in December 2016.

The Ballot Proposal Process is where ACA groups and Intergroups can submit suggestions or ideas for new, or changes to ACA’s existing, literature, policies or procedures that your group conscience feels will be of benefit to other ACA’s around the globe.  Members may not realize that many of the ACA items you read at every meeting were once submitted as ballot proposals in this manner. Your proposals are then processed according to the Operating Policies and Procedures Manual (which can be found on the ACA website). 

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to get the call for proposals emails and form translated before being sent out due to the limitations of the web servers involved.  The committee is exploring a way to standardize the form and get it translated for future emails. When the Group Conscience Ballots go out in December they should be translated before going out.

If you are an ACA member who is multilingual we would appreciate it if you would pass the word to other groups in your area about this important email and translate it for them.  We look forward to hearing your group’s conscience suggestions on how to better carry the message to our fellow ACA members.

Tom R.
Ballot Prep Committee