Click here to see the Profit and Loss Statement for the month of July, which shows a net loss in income of $9,176. This was due primarily to being out of stock on the Laundry Lists Workbook, having 3 payroll periods during the month, having a delayed billing from one of our vendors that should have partly shown up in June, and having additional payments for a temporary staff worker longer than originally expected.  But the financial picture is not bleak by any means.  We are just under $24,000 ahead of Year-to-Date income from last year at this time.  This extra income is part of what is enabling WSO to hire a General Manager who will help us ensure continued growth. 

The 7th Tradition contributions are shown in the Donations sub-tab under Treasurer in the Repository.  The July total was $4,786, which is actually $500 less than a year ago. 

Click here to see the Balance Sheet for July. 

FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT  Members Bill D., Jeffrey F., Melani M., and Mary Jo L., Treasurer

The Finance Committee has been working on a number of items, including a revision of the Fiscal Policy section of the OPPM, which will be presented to the Board shortly; funding for the hire of a General Manager and additional staff; figuring profit margins on products to determine if any adjustments have to be made when we sell through Ware-Pak fulfillment due to pick charges and SKU charges; the sale of literature on Amazon UK; and forming an Audit Committee and hiring an outside auditor. 

If anyone is interested in joining this committee, we’d be glad to have you.  Please send an email to [email protected]

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer