This month we have been in contact with Germany, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, U.K. Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, and Romania.

We are in the process of getting through the registration of the first meeting in Romania when that is done We will be sending them a starter kit and turn on the Light of ACA in Bucharest for the first time.


We are working towards making a structure for “ New comer” contries to provide a support structure for the members doing translation. There’s a lot of experience out there from members who have already done translations and one of the ideas we are trying out is for them to share their experiences in working with translations.

Translations can trigger all our character defects so it is important to have some one to turn too in order to keep focused on the translation in order not to kill the enthusiasm or burn out in the process. 


When we send out a Starter Kit and members start their meeting depending on where in Europe that is. And in most cases where very few speak English.

Members almost immediately see the need of having the material translated. To overcome the challenges we want to support these efforts. This month we had a Danish Translator speak about how to set up a translation committee. She shared with love and affection how the process was for her,  the experiences involved, the courage and the strength it gave her to translate.


We have changes our European call for the next moth as well getting another long time translator in place to share at our next conference call which is the first Saturday of every month. 

Next time will be the 5th of September at 14:00 CET. 

A new feature is that anyone who will not be able to call in can listen to the conference through a play back number. These numers are listed in the Repository. If you are not able to hear the recording that means the minutes are posted under the European Committee in the Repository. We have opened the floor on our EC call for questions related to the Share or any other questions related to the fellowship.

If there are anyone out there listning in to this conference call who speaks Greek, Latvian or Dutch. Please contact us at [email protected] I am asking this because these new fellowships can use your support and experiences of recovery to meet the challenges of the translations.

One finally an announcement;

The 3rd European meeting will be in Moscow on the 23rd of September.



Respectfully submitted

Majbrit M

EC Chair

Trustee of the WSO board