The Ballot Proposal Submission deadline (September 30, 2016) for consideration in the next Group Conscience Survey has passed and the committee has the following preliminary report:

25 – Attempts at submitting proposals were recognized by Survey Monkey
14 – Were marked incomplete by Survey Monkey but upon close review only 4 were really incomplete and those persons were contacted and resubmitted complete proposals by the deadline.
21- Actual proposals received from 13 different groups. (0.8% participation)
5 – proposals were from groups outside the US (representing 2 separate groups)

Several proposals were submitted by the same group (4 groups submitted a total of 13 of the proposals), of these 9 were submitted by the same person stating that they represented 3 separate “autonomous groups” and the proposals were worded identical to the previously submitted proposals by the other “autonomous groups”.

Preliminary review of the submitted proposals suggested changes affecting the following areas:

OPPM – 11
Website – 4
Literature – 9
Literature New – 1
Balloting Process – 4
Committees – 4
WSO Board – 8

The proposals will now be reviewed by the BPC for clarification of the proposals intent (if needed), and those committees affected will be contacted to help establish costs associated with implementation of the proposals. Once that process is completed the Group Conscience Survey will be created for distribution to the groups via email.

The ballot proposal process itself thus far has revealed that the committee needs to review the survey monkey process that reported 14 incompletes when there were really only 4. In addition Survey Monkey allowed for one person to sign in as several different groups and make proposals for them. This brings to light the possibility of one person casting votes for multiple groups in the Group Conscience Survey that follows.

It is suggested that all ACA groups review their contact info on the WSO meetings page of the ACA website so they receive a copy of the upcoming Group Conscience Survey.

Tom R.
Chairman BPC