Literature Committee Quarterly Meeting – Sunday, November 5, 2017

1:00 pm Eastern Time

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Meeting Minutes

Open with Serenity Prayer

Welcome / Agenda Overview (Charlie) Drawing upon past history, Charlie sees across the board how literature is developed and created, how basic business operations are affected by budgets, what projected publications are possible within particular time frames. 

Charlie sees the need for improved basic procedures for continuity in guiding translation operations and making translations easier. One of Charlie’s goals as Literature Committee Chair is to formally document these procedures, primarily by broadening a single, small committee into subcommittees led by people who are better able to specialize in each of core needs areas. Though still organizing in some ways, the Literature Executive Committee is turning out to be an a-team. 

Highlights of Literature Committee from 2017 to 2018 include the following key initiatives:

  1. Update literature so that it is clear and accessible to all in recovery and at all levels of recovery
  2. Increase on needs focused to the newcomer, especially where translations are concerned
  3. Bear in mind that though this is a business operation, our fundamental procedures are based on spirituality
  4. Have the Little Big Red Book (working title LBRB) published and available for purchase by end of 2018
  5. Expedite trifold on “Why ACA?” This is a beta trifold specifically for people in other 12-Step recovery programs with a perspective as to why they might want to include ACA as part of their recovery program. 

Introduce reorganized Literature Committee, and subcommittee chairs. This Literature Executive Committee comprises the following:

    • Literature Development Subcomittee (expanded from Literature Evaluation Subcommittee), chaired by Tamara P.
      • Overview: Changed from Evaluation Subcommittee to Development Subcommittee. Our robust group of member is more commited, more defined, and more substantial, and thus more meaningful. We currently have five projects. “The Little Big Red Book” (working title: LBRB) is on the drawing board, and we have a meeting scheduled for “The Loving Parent Workbook” (working title: Loving Parent). Loving Parent is based on the content of chapter 8, and its development will follow the LBRB 
    • Literature Translation Subcommittee, Chaired by Majbrit M. Need to develop policy and provide guidance. Translators need clarity on best practices for translating alone and in groups. There is also a need for standardized glossaries for each language (which we have been working on), so that translators are not confused by each other’s work and so they don’t keep translating the same content over and over again. 
    • Business Operations Subcommittee, chaired by David McB. David has been identifying financial needs tied to business operations, budget creation based on project/production schedules, and is working on updating a streamlined Intellectual Property (IP) agreement so people feel more comfortable sharing their knowledge with WSO. 
    • International Literature Subcommittee, chaired by Jeffrey F. Jeffrey’s focus has been to reduce a lot of the various related costs for getting literature to would-be members oversees. Obstacles to international production and distribution (from US) include VAT (value added tax), import taxes, domestic production (labor), and shipping costs.  

Quarterly call schedule going forward: first Saturday of each quarter. (Time TBD)

  • Saturday, January 6
  • Saturday, April 7
  • Saturday, July 7
  • Saturday, November 3

Conference dial-in number: +1 (712) 775-7085
Participant access code: 690690# 
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Close with ACA Serenity Prayer

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