Open With Serenity Prayer

Roll Call

Two items approved at Toronto ABC:

  1. “Finding Emotional Sobriety” trifold directed to AA members. Speaking about ACA to members of AA in language that is more friendly to the AA audience. Alcoholics who also find they are ACA. This trifold is designed to help AA’s expand their recovery experience. It can also be a starting point for similar outreach to other 12-step programs. Posted for fellowship review at
  2. Ready Set GO!! (RSG) workshop developers are doing last edits before posting for four-month fellowship review and commentary. We anticipate posting the week of July 9. Updates on this project can be found online at is a one-day RSG workshop that Matt is interested in presenting to the fellowship. This may be presented as a separate topic. Another option is to fold it in with the current RSG project that is currently in author development

Little Big Red Book (LBRB) project led by Charlie H. This condensed version of the BRB project is ongoing. It covers what will benefit Adult Children in their first year of recovery. The July call was cancelled because of other board priorities, but will resume its regular monthly schedule.

Loving Parent Workbook (LPWB) project led by Bonnie M. This project is meets monthly, and is closed to new members.

Sponsorship. Charlie and Majbrit are discussing this hybrid guided by 2017 San Diego discussion on sponsorship/mentorship, and how to help in an create more specific guidance in an ACA, where members with experience, strength and hope in the program can lead Newcomers, who are fearful of authority.

The inaugural sponsorship call will tentatively be scheduled for August 18 (third Saturday in August). Discussion will include forming a Slack channel for sponsorship, beginning with group assessment of what resources might be needed to create more helpful, healthy guidance so newcomers don’t feel that they have to work the program alone. This will lead to literature adjustments, but is beginning as an analysis.

Recording of meeting from this point forward is below:


The next quarterly Literature Committee call will be held on

Date: Saturday, October 6

Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Eastern Time

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