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The Literature Evaluation Subcommittee evaluates all new ACA literature against standard criteria to determine whether it moves forward to publication or is returned to the authors or subcommittee for further development. Literature that is recommended moves into publication and is made available for purchase to the fellowship in fellowship review mode. During fellowship review members use the literature and offer feedback through an online form. Once any fellowship feedback has been reviewed and incorporated through group conscience, the literature will be submitted to an Annual Business Conference for designation as Conference-approved literature. To see a list of standard literature evaluation criteria visit: Literature Evaluation Criteria

Support the future of ACA literature - become a Literature Evaluation Committee Reading Team Volunteer 

The Literature Evaluation Subcommittee (Lit Eval) is currently seeking readers familiar with existing ACA literature. We need volunteers to independently evaluate Submissions and apply ACAs standard Literature Evaluation Criteria and then meet with team members for a group conscience.  Readers will need access to a computer connected to the internet to provide their feedback both individually and as part of the review team.  

Readers will review a literature submission, discuss their findings and any project-specific questions within their reading team, and submit their own feedback individually. Readers do not make line edits of submissions, but provide a high-level review to determine if the project moves to the next stage of evaluation. To maintain objectivity, Literature Evaluation Committee members will not review any submission that would present a conflict of interest for them.  

The review process will also include a team report that assesses how the project meets the ACA Literature Evaluation Criteria. The reading team will receive a template and guiding questions to help them create this report. It will include the reading team’s recommendation on moving to the next review stage. The report may include submission excerpts of what does and does not work to back up findings. Lit Eval may at times invite reading teams to monthly calls to discuss submissions, especially for more involved works.  

Time Commitment
Volunteers may participate in one reader team or multiple teams. They may volunteer to be a team leader, who calls a group consensus meeting of a reader team. They may also become a regular member of the Literature Evaluation Subcommittee. The time required will vary depending on your role.

We provide volunteers with online orientation materials available and a designated liaison from the Literature Evaluation subcommittee to answer any questions that arise. 

To Participate

Please complete the Literature Committee Volunteer Interest Form.  If you have already done so, please contact our Volunteer Supporter by clicking here.


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