The office is answering the calls that used to be answered by the MPS Special Worker. The emails to the  email account are being answered by MPS Chair Bill D. or MPS Vice Chair Carole C. at this time until a replacement MPS Special Worker is hired.

In October the MPS Committee sent out 59 BRB, 52 Meditation Books, 6 glue bound YWB, 30 Newcomer Booklets, 110 25-Questions Trifolds.

This literature was primarily for H&I and Public Information recipients. Literature that is being sent to therapists has quadrupled the past couple of months now that word is getting out about the program.

To receive literature a therapist needs to be actively seeing clients who have adult child issues and submit a request for the literature to

The request must include the therapist’s name, name of the practice, and shipping address and email. It should also briefly describe how the literature is going to be used. The MPS Public Information team will make an evaluation and decide which pieces of literature to send.

This is going to help people who may otherwise not be getting help they need in therapy, and it is going to steer potential ACA members to our meetings.