Welcome to the Delegate Training Sub-Committee FAQ’s page!

What is the importance of sending a delegate to the ABC?

Attending the ABC provides for the group’s voice to be heard and counted by the Right of Participationas stated in The 12 Concepts.

When is a Delegate voted in?

The ideal time to vote in a delegate is May at the group’s business meeting. As the term runs April to April the previous year’s delegate can pass information and educational materials onto the incoming delegate so they can begin learning about the role.

What is the term of service for a Delegate?

A delegate serves from April to April, from ABC to ABC. While a one year minimum is most efficient, two to three years have also been suggested for continuity, each group is autonomous in this decision. It is important to consider rotation of service as is suggested for all group positions and our Commitment to Service.  Unfortunately, many groups are financially unable to send a Delegate, therefore a member who is able to attend without receiving reimbursement may attend consecutively.

Can a group have more than one delegate represent them?

Each group may designate a Delegate and an Alternate Delegate. Only the Delegate will vote.

Can a person be a delegate and represent their ACA home group without affiliation to an Intergroup?

A group does not have to affiliate with an Intergroup. Whether a meeting is associated with an Intergroup does not have bearing on its ability to have delegate representation and vote at the ABC at this time.

How does a Delegate pay to attend the ABC?

Depending on the financial condition of the Group, Intergroup or Region partial or full reimbursement of expenses to the ABC is encouraged.It provides for the Right of Participation as stated in The 12 Concepts. Some groups pass a separate basket in addition to the Seventh Tradition basket to fund a Delegate.

If our group can’t send a Delegate is it still advantageous to have a Delegate?

It is definitely advantageous for a group to have a delegate. A delegate keeps the group informed of the workings of the WSO and the Annual Business Conference as well as the need and opportunities for service work. The delegate can still participate remotely by general awareness, reporting back to group and conferring with other delegates who did attend.

How do I know if I am ready to serve as a Delegate?

Are you;

Familiar with the Steps, Traditions and The Commitment to Service?

Do you know your group’s opinion of the ballot items to be voted on at the April ABC?

Will you be available to attend educational teleconferences and/or review website resources as needed?

Are you willing to attend occasional monthly board teleconferences to keep your group apprised of happenings within the fellowship?

Familiarity with Robert’s Rules of Order are helpful.

Becoming familiar with the Twelve Concepts explains how the fellowship interacts at the ABC to make decisions for the ACA Fellowship.  While lack of knowledge should not be a deterrenton whether to serve or not, their knowledge will be helpful to the process. Your willingness to represent your groups voice and vote its conscience, to work together with the fellowship of ACA as a whole in unity are of the utmost importance.

If I am not familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order or Parliamentary Procedures should I attend?

There will be trainings made available once you register. These trainings are available to everyone, you do not need to be a Delegate. Trainings will be announced on the Host Website and occur one month prior to the Conference. Each year an updated Delegate Binder and OPPM (Operating Policies and Procedures Manual) are available online as well. We do not need to follow the procedures exactly as we do encourage all group opinions to be heard regardless. The delegation will assist you in any necessary protocol.

When and where do I register to be a Delegate?

Delegates register on the ABC Host Website when it becomes available around October of each year.

When do I receive the agenda and delegate binder?

The agenda is dependent on the outcome of the vote on which proposals receive a two-thirds majority due from the groups at the end of March. Therefore, the earliest the agenda is available is April 10th. Binders become available mid-February.

What is the Delegate Binder?

The Delegate Binder contains a summary of the conference experience as reflected in our OPPM. It includes general information on Traditions, Concepts, Bylaws and Parliamentary Procedures. Also, an organization chart of the Board of Trustees, Committee and Sub-Committee Chair service positions and chairpersons.

What is the purpose of the 12 Twelve Concepts and their relation to the ABC?

The Twelve Concepts keep our world services and groups focused on carrying a consistent ACA message while maintaining a service structure responsible to the fellowship voice. The Concepts help trusted servants discern the will of ACA and carry out the responsibilities granted by the fellowship. BRB p. 615.

What Concepts are helpful to know in order to vote at the ABC?

A Delegate may find Concepts 1 through 5 helpful. Particularly, the Right of Decision, Right of Participation and Right of Petition, BRB p. 615-6.

What is the process for conducting the Annual Business Conference?

Not unlike a business meeting for a Group or Intergroup a chairperson is put forward to the delegation for acceptance. The chairperson is assisted by a Parliamentarian whom the Board provides.

Will electronic voting be available for the 2019 ABC?

There will be remote voting at the 2019 ABC. The way this will happen is in the process of being set up. When we know the system will work, there will be training for the delegates.

Where can I submit a question not answered here?

Your questions are important! You may email the Delegate Training Sub-Committee at dtsc@acawso.org.  We appreciate the opportunity to add further questions and answers to this page.


Last updated: October 2018