WSO is providing information on the 2019 Annual Business Conference in stages, so that information can be released as quickly as possible. Please return to this space to learn more. Here is a rough schedule:

1) Summary of official actions taken by the delegates and WSO board at the 2019 ABC. To be posted within two weeks of the ABC. Completed
2) Audio recordings of the ABC sessions. To be posted within four weeks of the ABC. Available now.
3) Draft minutes of the ABC. To be posted within two months of the ABC. These were delayed due to turn over in the board secretary – 4 since the 2019 ABC. Apologies.
4) The 2019 minutes will be submitted for approval at the 2020 ABC and  be included in the 2020 ABC Binder

Ballot Proposal 9: Adopt a Diversity Statement for ACA.

Action: ABC delegates voted to adopt the following diversity statement: “ACA is an inclusive organization and open to all affected by family dysfunction. We strive to create an atmosphere that reflects the diverse communities we serve and where everyone feels empowered to be their full, authentic selves.”

Ballot Proposal 7: Approve a Proposed Mission Statement for ACA.

Action: ABC delegates voted to create a working group to review the original draft mission statement, and revise it to address wording concerns expressed by delegates. A revised version will be resubmitted for consideration at the 2020 ABC.

Literature Committee motion: that the delegates approve a proposed meeting safety card drafted by the Addressing Predatory Behavior working group.

Action: After extensive discussion, ABC delegates approved the following motion–that the Addressing Predatory Behavior working group convene at least two open discussion sessions, available to all volunteers, and revise proposed literature about victimizing behavior inside and outside ACA meetings. Following WSO board approval, the revised literature will be made available to the fellowship by September 2019, so that groups can test it and provide feedback to WSO. The working group and Literature Committee will incorporate fellowship suggestions as needed, and bring a final document back to the 2020 ABC for Conference approval.

Trustee ratification: Delegates ratified the following trustees for WSO board service: Bill D., Carole C., Charlie H., David McB., Erin D., Jim B., Majbrit M., Miles C., Pat H., Rich R.

WSO board officers: The new WSO trustee officers were announced to the delegates: Charlie H., chair; David McB., vice chair; Pat H., treasurer; and Miles C., secretary.