Here in the Intergroups Subcommittee (IGSC), our efforts this year have been primarily focused around (re-)establishing active contact with our Intergroups by  sending out a “Needs Assessment” survey to all of  them. Our objective is to get a sense of what Intergroups out there are facing, and how they think WSO might be able to assist and support getting those needs met.

That exercise involves two primary components, both of which we are actively in the midst of:

    1. Doing some outreach and doing what we can to encourage Intergroups out there to update their information
      • Status: we developed a “Say Hi” letter (see here) which has now been sent out both via a blast MailChimp email (thanks to Jim B!) and an announcement in the “Resource Spotlight” section of the July Traveler (thanks to Sharon F!)
    2. Developing the Needs Assessment Survey so it’s ready to send out
      • Status: we are currently in the midst of developing a working draft of the Needs Assessment Survey.
      • We are targeting sending out in the third quarter of 2019

Other News: 

The WSO Website Committee responded to IGSC requests by

IGSC will undertake fulfilling the request from WSO Website Committee to :

General Stats:

    • There are 114 Registered IG as of 7/8/19
    • The “Say Hi” Letter sent via MailChimp list on 5/2/19 (thanks Jim B!) was sent to 137 emails, of which as of 7/8/19
      • 10 bounced
      • 63 (49.6%) opened once or more

Note: please encourage your local Intergroups to review/update their info at least once a year!! (see instructions at