June 2019 Meeting

6/22/19 12pm-1:30pm ET

(Minutes Taken by: Josh W)

Over Zoom (Audio Recording)



  • Tamara (IGSC Chair; MN IG)
  • Josh W (IGSC Secretary; NCA IG; DC)
  • Carole C (WSO Board Member ; Member Svcs Chair; Greater Western Region; CA)
  • Bonnie K-M (IGSC Chair Emeritus, TX)
  • Liz C (CT)
  • Matt K (WI)
  • Joshua (MN)
  • Laura L



2nd Tradition Meditation

Higher Power. I understand that you make your voice heard in a group conscience. I ask you to remind me that the life of my program and, therefore, my own recovery depends upon my willingness to put the group’s welfare above my own will. Where I disagree with the common view of my fellows in service, allow me to state my case honestly and respectfully. Allow me to listen to and consider the views of others. May I state my view and support all group decisions, including the ones I might disagree with. Your will, not mine, be done.


ACA Serenity Prayer


Approve/review/amend previous month’s minutes:

  • TABLED, revisit at next meeting


Review content on new webpage: For Intergroups

  • DECISION: Form working group /subset to focus on this ask, bring back recs to IGSC
    • Volunteers: Bonnie, Tamara

Monitoring/manage the replies from say hi letter

  • Results: out of 137 total, Only 10 bounced
    • 92% delivery Rate, and 44 % Open Rate
  • Q: Do we want to post the Say Hi letter in the IG Forum and post in Traveler YES (6-0-2)
    • Comment: Matt may want to follow up by phone those that don’t respond.
  • Needs Assessment Survey – Next steps (tracker review)
    • How long to give ppl to respond to “Say Hi” letter before ready to send Needs Assessment survey? Minimum 2 months.  3 Months?    TABLED to July
  • Tamara to create draft of a boilerplate “message received” response (will post shortly).
    • Tamara will post draft of boilerplate to Slack
  • Matt reached out to Jim to discuss reasonableness of Google Docs as tool to host in cloud (for group visibility, editability, etc – while accounting for privacy concerns)
    • Jim said we have two options for storing/sharing documents: 1) With the IGSC email address we can store/share documents with Google. 2) We can use the WSO – Dropbox for our documents.  The important attribute is the ownership belong to the WSO.  No personal accounts allowed.
    • Decision: Google Docs is the group preference
    • So: put the “Say Hi” Letter response tracker sheet on GoogleDocs? YES
  • Writing the Needs Assessment survey itself
    • Josh to repost rough draft to Slack — let’s review for our next IGSC mtg
      • Work over Slack
      • Talk modifications next mtg

New Business:

  • Confirm process for reviewing/approving agenda in advance/at top of mtg;
    • Chair to work with Secretary to draft, post to Slack, gather comments, incorporate, then post to Slack. APPROVED
  • Confirm process for reviewing/approving minutes:
    • Discussion/consensus over Slack, actual approval at first 5 minutes of meeting APPROVED
  • Keeping Intergroup information updated: Meeting updaters have the “Maintaining Meeting Information” page for reference – need something like that for Intergroups (and Regions?) APPROVED Matt to take ask the ask to Jim B
  • Open service positions discussion. TABLED


Close with the ACA Serenity Prayer


Summary of TO-DOs btwn now and next mtg (July 27th)

  • Form working group to address Jim B’s ask: review content on new webpage For Intergroups
    • initial members: Bonnie, Tamara
  • Tamara will post draft of boilerplate “message received” (for responses to “Say Hi” letter) to Slack
  • Tamara to put the “Say Hi” Letter response tracker sheet on Google Docs
  • Post “Say Hi” Letter to Intergroup Forum Slack channel (Unclear Who Will Do This…Need to Establish)
  • Post “Say Hi” Letter to The Traveler (Unclear Who Will Do This…Need to Establish)
  • Matt to speak to Jim B about getting a page like the Meeting Changes page, but for IG (and Region) level change instructions
  • Josh to repost rough of Needs Assessment draft to Slack — let’s review for our next IGSC mtg (We agreed to work over Slack, talk modifications at next mtg)


Old Business “Parking Lot”

  • Web/DB Asks (Matt K <-> Jim B)
    • Self-Service Reporting for List of IG info. Ask is for IGSC to be able to generate Report directly (self-serve, a la button on website)
    • Intergroup committee chair to receive an email when Intergroup updates info; new Intergroup is registered.
    • Website users can see unaffiliated meetings in “my” area.
    • Which Intergroups are in “my” area, which one could my group join? Find an Intergroup map like Find Meeting map.
    • Master Calendar of (Intergroup?) Events (and WSO Committee Meetings?) on the website.
    • A list of all Intergroups’ updated information, sent to Intergroups committee every quarter or every six months or other time frame.
  • Mission/Vision
    • Update Mission Statement: HOLD/TABLE until get more feedback from fellowship (say Hi Letter/Needs Assessment)
    • Create Vision Statement
  • Survey (shoot for Q2): Assess IGs’ sense of WSO Performance/Responsiveness/Helpfulness