We have reopened the sales for physical products on our website. You can get your Books, Chips, Medallions, and booklets as of March 26th 2020.

The ACA WSO distribution center has been closed due to an emergency order by the state of California (posted march 20th and updated march 26th).

At this time, ACA WSO is not accepting orders for ACA books and other merchandise that must be physically shipped from the center.

Members may purchase ACA books through Amazon (click here for our Amazon US Listings, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany), please note that some of our titles are out of stock. We suggest that you verify that the book is being listed from ACA WSO and not a third party with a higher price.

You also may use our online shopping cart service to obtain audio recordings and any other e-products, or to make a Seventh Tradition contribution.We recognize that this is a significant impediment to personal recovery, and we are exploring options for distributing ACA literature during the pandemic.

Further updates will be posted on the ACA WSO website as they become available.

Thank you for your patience, and please take care of your personal safety.

The ACA WSO Board