This was an extraordinary year, after all the plans were done and ready for the annual ABCAWC [in Boca Raton Florida] the world was hit with covid-19 which meant ours and many other conventions were  to be cancelled. In March it was decided to have the ABC virtually and at the monthly TC it was asked if there could be a virtual AWC.   Thanks to the IT committee for setting this up and looking after the techy part of this, the entire weekend was a great success with a few minor glitches.  And thanks to all the people who made this event possible,

The ABCAWC committee met today and because of some request to continue doing the AWC virtually we will be investigating the possibility of doing this.  We are also looking at starting a subcommittee with those who would like to be part of a technical team to help make this possible.

We as a committee have a few irons in the fires but it takes volunteers to make these events possible if you wish to join our committee please do. Don’t forget if all goes well with this covid-19 and we can meet again face to face  the 2021 convention will still be held in Boca Raton Florida next April…..

Anyone interested in purchasing this years convention coin can do so by pre ordering them at the WSO order page.
Thanks again for making the 2020 Virtual AWC such a success!!

Yours In Service,  Miles C   WSO ABCAWC Chair