The meeting search page,, has been updated – features of the new interface

  1. Single page for all types of meetings – just use the “meeting filter” pulldown to select what type of meeting your are searching for, eg online, in-person
  2. Search for multiple meeting types at the same time, eg online + telephone meetings
  3. No need to hit the search button, after using each pull down menu, the search results auto update
  4. Remember to hit the enter key after typing in a zip code or a search term
  5. Using a zip code?  Remember to choose a country.
  6. Meeting focus is the new term to describe meetings that serve specific populations, eg. Women, Beginners, Secular
  7. Meeting format is the new term to describe specific subject matter of a meeting, eg. Yellow workbook, Loving Parent Guidebook
  8. The focus term People of Color has been update to BIPOC
  9. The focus term LBGT+ has been updated to LGBTQ+
  10. Distances to a meeting only show for in person meetings and if a zip code is used in the search.  Distances appear after the meeting address