Literature Report

December 2012


As a preliminary matter, the fellowship should know that all the work of the literature committee is done by most of the Board members contributing their time and expertise.  For example, the updated Literature Policy Pamphlet was laid out by Leanne, with contributions from DiAnne, Joan and Phyllis.


Most of the time over the last month has gone in to finalizing the pamphlet “ACA Essentials”, the update of the Literature Policy Pamphlet, trying to devise a mechanism for allowing Intergroups to order shipments that will encourage  Intergroup development/support (Motion for advancing books is on the agenda) and finishing Audio BRB development.


The UK Intergroup has agreed to participate, subject to Board approval, with a pilot “seeding” program whereby a small shipment of books will be sent, they will pay an upfront deposit and pay the balance in due course.  It is anticipated that the UK group will be able to sell the books at a small gain so that they can pay for future shipments.


A preliminary conversation was started with Australian groups about how they might be able to reduce shipping costs.


 e-BRB sales for November were 182 books sold.  All totaled there have been 649 e-BRB sold since it went live in August. 


The Meditation Book Project is proceeding rather well.  For information, please contact [email protected].  Brief update report to be given by MaryJo, Meditation Book Trusted Servant and ACA WSO Trustee.  More submissions by ACAs would be greatly appreciated.  Annie (CA) is the editor.


The ComLine team is receiving submissions and laying them out.  Publication should resume early next year.

Denise (VA) has agreed to layout the ComLine and Paul (IL) has agreed to be the Articles Editor.  We need articles!


a-BRB – The first review of the audio BRB is done.  Once a copy is made for a back-up, the hard copy of the book will be sent to the publishing firm for editing.  


Circulation of Conference Approved Draft.  The drafts were or are being sent via e-mail and snail mail.  Received edits to both from Annie.


ACA Is… – Still in search for an Arabic translation


The Updated Literature Policy pamphlet is laid out and waiting for final version to be turned over to Scott and DiAnne for website and production.


Danish BRB – The layout person (Robin) and Jesper are fine tuning the “look” of the Danish BRB.


The various cost saving ideas are being discussed by the Board including bundling are most popular titles and requiring a minimum shipment size, etc.


Spanish BRB – The committee has resumed reviewing the the BRB.  We still need a volunteer to do the first translation to Spanish of about 160 pages


Draft of Public Information Pamphlet Literature was drafted and circulated to Board members.  Waiting for more input before  finalizing to proceed to getting it laid out for Board approval to be present it to the 2013 ABC.  



Sincerely yours in service,



Larry A., Literature Chair

ACA WSO Trustee



From a  space of love, I give service in ACA so that every adult child seeking recovery may find a safe place.