Literature Report

July 2013

Most of the time over the last month has gone in to overseeing standardization of the look of ACA Literature and implementing ACA WSO Inventory/Order Processing Audit items.


The Mediatation Book Project.  

The 90 day posting of the Meditation book will occur in about 2 weeks.  For updates, please visit the Meditations tab on the website,

 Sub-Committee Report by Mary Jo, Meditation Book Trusted Servant & ACA WSO Trustee.

Standardized Literature Look & Contact Information – Leanne, ACA WSO Trustee, is leading this team that includes Scott (Webmaster) and Robin (Layout Person) to make our literature look more uniform.  This will inform the website design team’s effort to build a new website.

Sub-Committee Report by Leanne, ACA WSO Trustee.


Spanish BRB – Cooridnating between the three groups continues by Ines Z., Spanish Translation/Group Liaison Trusted Servant

Sub-Committee Report by Ines, Spanish Group Laison and Translation Trusted Servant.


ComLine.  Mardi has agreed to be the Online ComLine editor and is currently talking with Webmaster about implementation strategies to launch the Online ComLine

 Sub-Committee Report by Mardi, Online ComLine Trusted Servant


e-BRB sales for June were 216 e-books sold.  All tolled, there have been 2,368 e-BRBs sold since it went live in August 2012. 


Public Information Trifold.  The 90 day posting of the Public Information trifold will occur at the same time as Meditation Book that should be ready soon.


Cross Talk and Good Enough Booklets.  Are being finalized at the printers and should be ready for launch (pictured and listed in the Shopping cart) by next month.

Report by Leanne, ACA WSO Trustee.


a-BRB – The funds have been received by the production company and they have resumed making edits.  Sub-Committee Report by Leanne, ACA WSO Trustee.


The Russian Translation of the Identity still on hold pending review by a Russian member who thinks there may be errors.


ACA Is… – Still in search for an Arabic translation.


The Finns received from Office Manager an estimate of shipping costs for the full lot and the unblemished Finnish books currently in stock at the Signal Hill Office.


Sincerely yours in service,


Larry A., Literature Chair

ACA WSO Trustee


From a  space of love, I give service in ACA so that every adult child seeking recovery may find a safe place.