Literature Report

December 2013

Most of the time over the last month has gone in to rolling out the meditation book and processing seeding project orders for workbooks. 

The Meditation Book Project.  Meditation book is in the warehouse.  It has been added to the shopping cart and the Webmaster will be adding it to the Meeting Starter Kit.

Sub-Committee Report by Mary Jo, Meditation Book Trusted Servant & ACA WSO Trustee.


Standardized Literature Look & Contact Information – Leanne, ACA WSO Trustee, is leading this team that includes Scott (Webmaster) and Robin (Layout Person) to make our literature look more uniform.  This will inform the website design team’s effort to build a new website.


a-BRB – The production company is finalizing some of the footnotes and the format and voice of certain sections e.g., copyright, etc.  Leanne is following up with the vendor about possible completion dates.

Sub-Committee Report by Leanne, ACA WSO Trustee.


Spanish BRB – Coordinating between the three translating groups continues by Ines Z., Spanish Translation/Group Liaison Trusted Servant


Spanish Translation of free ACA Literature off of the website.  Due to the demand witnessed at thePR conference, the Spanish Group/Translation Trusted Servant has initiated a project to translate all of the free materials (e.g., Starting a Meeting) off the website.

Sub-Committee Report by Ines, Spanish Group Liaison and Translation Trusted Servant.


e-BRB sales for November were 285 e-books sold.  All tolled, there have been 3,721 e-BRBs sold. 


The Finish Second Edition is being laid out by our layout person.


The “Starting an Intergroup” project has been drafted and now is ready for best practices input from established intergroups.


ACA Is… – Still in search for an Arabic translation.


Sincerely yours in service,



Larry A., Literature Chair

ACA WSO Trustee

From a  space of love, I give service in ACA so that every adult child seeking recovery may find a safe place.