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I, Larry Jones am the Chair of the Greater Australian registered ACA  Intergroup (IG# AUS 110) serving the needs of groups in the Greater Sydney area.   Current member groups of the Greater Australian Intergroups are # AUS 100, 200, 300, 400 groups.

We are writing to ask that the WSO validate thatGreater Australian Intergroup as a 30% discounted purchaser of ACA literature for resale to the ACA groups in our area.

We attest the Greater Australian Intergroup understands that the sole objective of offering this discount is so that the  Greater Australian Intergroup can sell ACA literature only to the ACA groups within our service area and that Greater Australian Intergroup will not place the books for sale to the general public either directly or through any intermediary including , but not limited to, any online retailer.

We further understand that the literature will only be sold by the WSO in complete boxes and Welcome Chips in complete rolls.  The minimum order for assemblies, tri-folds and booklets is bundles of 10 for each title.  We understand that we can sell these individually at a small mark up to provide some revenues to fund outreach and operational needs.

We further understand that Greater Australian Intergroup must apprise the WSO of any rotation of service changes to the Intergroup Chair or designated trusted servant and that these changes will require a reapplication for this validation.  We also acknowledge that the  designated trusted servant may only use the 30% discounted rate to make purchases for the Greater Australian Intergroup

We further understand that, from time to time, the WSO may require that this validation be renewed. 

We further understand that this program may be discontinued without any notice whatsoever at WSO sole discretion.


Larry Jones___________________      ______________________ 8/15/15        

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Greater Australian, Intergroup Chair

Maple Smith__________________              ______________________ 8/15/15        

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