We have a lot of exciting projects in the works – including enthusiastic teams of volunteers to help us shape the future of ACA. 

Global Literature Distribution

Our first shipment of inventory is in Great Britain. Fulfillment will be through Amazon UK. We are also working on a consignment order to Australia.  

Literature Evaluation Subcommittee

The new Literature Evaluation Subcommittee is now formed and in action. The team establishes small ad hoc review groups of 2-3 members to review various literature submissions. They meet regularly via teleconference. During this past quarter, subcommittee reviewed five submissions comprising four trifolds and one workbook. Their recommendations were voted on during the quarterly Literature Committee meeting on October 9.

  • ABC delegates trifold – unanimous agreement that trifold is not an appropriate means of delivery for this item; suggest a downloadable PDF that can be posted on WSO site and emailed to ABC delegates with their registration materials.
  • “Honey, You’re Doing Just Fine” as official ACA slogan – subcommittee determined this is not literature, and is outside the scope of Literature Subcommittee review. None of the members supported adoption of this as a slogan, and suggest that the Literature Committee remove this proposal from the Literature Queue. 
  • “Meeting Format” trifold – this piece was declined as it is duplicative. 
  • “Beary Cute Bears” – this proposal is now being considered as merchandise and not as literature. Recommend that this be evaluated in some other context other than literature. 
  • “Ready, Set, GO!!” – unanimously recommend that this be returned to authors for further development. 


We are currently accepting submissions for the 1st Quarter 2017 ComLine. Closing date for submissions is November 30. 

The focus of each issue follows:  

  • January – March (1st Quarter), Steps 1, 2, 3 and Traditions 1, 2, 3
  • April – June (2nd Quarter) Steps 4, 5, 6 and Traditions 4, 5, 6
  • July – September (3rd Quarter), Steps 7, 8, 9 and Traditions 7, 8, 9
  • October – December (4th Quarter) Steps 10, 11, 12 and Traditions 10, 11, 12 

We look for personal stories of experience, strength, and hope. Poems, photographs, and illustrations are also welcome. We especially appreciate shares from adult children from around the world. Please share in the language of your childhood; we will publish your share in your language! 

Previous ComLine issues are downloadable for free from


Layout of the Russian BRB complete; it is undergoing a quality check prior to linguistic/translator review. Alltri-folds and booklets offered for sale in the shopping cart are translated to Danish, Spanish, Finnish, and Russian. Prepress (layout, formatting, and quality checks prior to publishing, both online and print) is in process. We also have translations from Greece, Sweden, and Italy to layout for distribution. Spanish BRB files are collected for linguistic review prior to layout. 

We continue to add new and updated translations to the free literature for download page. All trifolds in all languages are scheduled for adition to our free literature page. Free downloads are on our site at,

Strengthening My Recovery e-book

E-book sales for October were 104 books. Total sold is 113 books. 


Audio BRB sales sales for October were 88 a-books sold. Total sold is 1,815 a-BRBs. 


Sales for October were 230 e-books sold. Total sold is 11,123 e-BRBs.  

BRB 10th Anniversary Edition

The 10th Anniversary Edition of the BRB is being printed, and we expect to receive it in our distribution center the second or third week of November. Basically unchanged from previous printings, it will have an additional section containing The Laundry List, The Other Laundry List, The Flip Side of the Laundry List, and The Flip Side of the Other Laundry List. This edition should be available by the fourth quarter of 2016. 

12 Step Workbook Update

The WB update is still in process. Comments and suggestions for updates are currently being reviewed for accuracy and redundancy. 


More than 600 emails were traded both domestically and abroad. Emails continue to cover the scope of literature offerings, suggestions for future publications, translations, printing / reprinting of new and existing products, digital offerings, and the international distribution project. 

Our next quarterly Literature Committee(s) meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 15, 2017, with a guest speaker who is conversant in trauma and recovery. For information on how to attend this meeting, please visit our repository site at

Sincerely yours in service, 

Charlie H., Co-Chair, Literature Committee

Larry A., Literature Chair, ACA WSO Trustee

Ines Z., ACA WSO Trustee, Spanish Translation and Group Liaison

Jeffrey P., Chair, European Literature subcommittee

Robin R., Staff

Committee Members

Karen A., Proofreader

Cheryl H., Proofreader, editor

Mardi M. ComLine editor

Patti N., Typesetter

Phyllis R.

Bonnie K-M.

Laura L.

Jennifer B.

Conrad G.

Marietta B.

Shawn D.

Charlie H., Literature Review Subcommittee

Precious, Literature Review Subcommittee

Mary, Literature Review Subcommittee 

Committee Members / Translation Volunteers

Pippi N., Danish Translation Coordinator, Denmark 

Anna J., Polish Translation Contributor/Polish Fellowship, UK 

Christine D., French Translation Contributor, Canada 

Henry G., Finnish Translation Contributor, Finland 

Anna, Finnish Translation Contributor, Finland 

Hannah M., Finnish Translation Contributor, Finland

Hiroko I., Japanese Translation Contributor, Japan 

Ines Z., Spanish Translation Contributor, USA 

Keiko D., Japanese Translation Contributor, Japan 

Nastya, Russian Translation Coordinator, Russia 

Christine B., German Translation Contributor, Germany 

Xanthi T., Greek Translation Coordinator, Greece 

Susanne B, Swedish Translation Contributor, Sweden 

Ausra, Latvian Translation Contributor, Latvia 

Atilla, Turkish Translation Coordinator, Turkey

Monia, Italian Translation Coordinator, Italy

Valentina, Italian Translation Contributor, Italy

Alex, Dutch Translation Coordinator, Netherlands, 

Desiree V., Dutch Translation Contributor, Netherlands

Bruno, Portuguese Translator, Brasil/USA

Ongoing Translation Groups


From a space of love, I give service in ACA so that every Adult Child seeking recovery may find a safe place.