Adult Children of Alcoholics®/Dysfunctional Families

World Service Organization

Annual Business Conference

Deerfield, IL

April 25-27, 2014

Literature Committee Annual Report

2013 Conference Approved Literature 

The long awaited ACA Mediation Book, Strengthening My Recovery, was posted for commentary, reviewed and published in 2013.  A special thank you to MaryJo, ACA WSO Trustee and Meditation Book Trusted Servant, whose stewardship made this project possible, and to all who contributed submissions, art work and provided lay out and editorial skills.

The Public Information tri-fold was published in 2013.


On going Projects: 


Cross Talk and Good Enough Group booklets were published in a new format.  The Newcomer’s  booklet was resized for consistency.  The Identity Papers booklets will be resized when the current stock is depleted.


  • Standardized Tri-fold Look & Contact Information.  The appearance and contact information of the tri-folds is being standardized.  The Office will resume sending the tri-folds with the purchase of a folding machine.
  • MaryJo, ACA WSO Trustee and Treasurer updated the Suggested Banking and Accounting Procedures tri-fold that was laid out and published.

Digital Literature.  Digital Fellowship Texts (e-BRBs) continue to be sold through online retailers.  To date, over 4,000 e-BRBs have been sold.


New Literature:

Audio Fellowship Text (a-BRB).  An Unabridged Audio Fellowship Text (a-BRB) was reviewed by the Literature Committee volunteers and with invaluable input from ACAs with visual impairments, the Board and Staff.  The suggestions and edits were forwarded to the production company for revisions to be made.  The company has not been able to complete the project because of unforeseen circumstances. The final delivery date of the a-BRB is uncertain, but is expected to be done by 2014.

Intergroup Set up Guidelines:  A volunteer stepped forward to lead an effort to draft suggested guidelines for setting up an Intergroup.  The work in on going.  For more information, please contact [email protected] 

The Laundry Lists and Their Flip Sides.  This drafted booklet seeks to expand the Fellowship Text’s 2006 brief description of the “Other” or opposite Laundry List.  The “Other” Laundry List is a list of characteristics of how adult children may be acting out the effects of the original Laundry List traits.  The Flip Sides to both laundry list were part of a presentation titled Completing the Circle in the Cycle of Violence at a 2008 ACA Convention.  The booklet uses those materials verbatim and adds experience, strength and hope. 

The Literature Committee is asking the ABC delegates to agree that this booklet’s circulation be for three months via the internet and that the ABC Conference approve the pamphlet be placed for sale after commentaries are reviewed and responded to.*

-The 2014 Conference approved effort to revise the workbook to add more questions and exercises to Steps 5-12 is slated to begin work during the Summer of 2014.


-The Literature Committee received an offering from a group, Ready, Set GO that is slated for review in the Summer of 2014.

The ComLine publication was discontinued because of a lack of article contributors.  The ComLine will resume in a digital format once the new website is completed provided that there are article contributions.  In the meantime, MaryJo, ACA WSO Trustee and Treasurer publishes 7th Tradition contributions and the financials in the Treasurer’s Report in the Repository of the website every month.


Translations.  The Board of Trustees has been working with multiple groups world wide to have our message translated into different languages.  The Literature Committee provides ongoing support for the translation groups in Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungry, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, and Sweden.  

  • Danish Translations.  The First Edition of Danish Fellowship Text was delivered shortly after the 2013 ABC.  
  • Finnish  Translations.  The second printing of Finnish BRB was finalized and shipped.  The Finnish are almost ready to submit their translation of the workbook for review and publication.
  • Spanish Translations.  Several sets of volunteers are working to translate the remaining English to Spanish translation of the Spanish BRB.  A North American Spanish Translation group will work on making the Spanish universal and consistent. These efforts are being coordinated by Ines, ACA WSO Trustee and the Spanish Translation/Group Liaison Trusted Servant who are working.  She also is working Ines. Z, is also handling communication between Spanish Speaking groups and members and the WSO.  See MPS Report Annual Report for more details.
  • Multilingual Initiative.  The ACA WSO Board of Trustees continues to seek volunteers to help spread the ACA message by having the “ACA Is…” tri-fold translated to create an interest in translating other ACA literature. 

Open Invitation For More Translations

In 2011, Scott, ACA WSO Trustee and Webmaster, at the direction of the ACA WSO Trustees placed a Translation Tab on the ACA website informing members of the translation process for those who may be interested in translating ACA WSO Conference Approved Literature.  For more information please see


Website. As part of the new ACA Website, Ines, ACA WSO Trustee and the Spanish Translation and Group Liaison Trusted Servant, Majbrit, ACA WSO Trustee and the European Committee Chair, and the various translations groups are seeking volunteers to translate ACA Is…, the Frequently Asked Questions, and the first paragraph of the Translations guidelines to increase outreach to multilingual ACAs.


Book Seeding Project.   Several international groups participated in this project achieving savings in shipping costs.  For more information about this project, please see Book Seeding Project Frequently Asked Questions below.


Shipping Cost Savings Initiatives

-The Board is exploring using an international fulfillment service to further address the high international shipping cost.


Creating a Local Literature Distribution Network

-The Board is exploring offering a deeper discount to intergroups so that they may become a local literature distribution network.


With great appreciation for the support received from each Board member, past and present, the outstanding dedicated office staff, and all the wonderful volunteers who have assisted the Literature Committee’s work, we are…

Deeply in your debt,

The Literature Committee

From a  space of love, I give service in ACA so that every adult child seeking recovery may find a safe place.

  • The Literature Committee is proposing to the Board that circulation of the The Laundry Lists and Their Flip Sides. be done via the Adult Children website as a non-printable PDF for three months to reduce the cost of sending hard copies, so that projects are not unnecessarily delayed and expedite getting these into production.  All comments and suggestions will be incorporated wherever possible.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

for the 


Book Seeding Project

Who Can Participate?

Participation is limited to registered International ACA Groups or International ACA Intergroups.

How Many Books Can I Order?

The minimum order is 20 of one title.

Reducing Shipping Costs 

Books will ship from the printer thus reducing shipping costs. 

When to Order

Book Seeding orders must be placed when ACA WSO is ordering a new shipment of books from our printer (a printing cycle) — this occurs about 3-4 times a year

How to Start

The International ACA Group or International ACA Intergroup must send an e-mail with the subject line “Seeding Project Order for                      “ including:

  1. your International ACA Group or ACA International Intergroup registration; 
  2. the physical address where books are to be delivered; and, 
  3. the number of books you are looking to purchase.  

ACA WSO will e-mail the International ACA Group or International Intergroup: 

  1. the total cost of the order, 
  2. the upfront and shipping deposit,
  3. the date the upfront and shipping deposit is due; and,
  4. the balance owed to WSO.

Tariffs and Taxes

The International ACA Group or International Intergroup is responsible for paying all tariffs, taxes or charges.

When to Pay

The International ACA Group or International Intergroup must pay the upfront cost before the deadline given in the e-mail announcement.  

Upfront Costs

Upfront costs equals $3-5/book + shipping charges. 


Balance is to be paid in due course (when books are sold).