ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. There could easily be 300 million adult children in the world, so the work ahead remains steady. But we make progress each day. p.536

In June, we received 360 requests. I emailed 484 answers. As for telephone calls, we got 82 that I returned using Skype for anonymity. 

International connections made this month:

UK, Canada/Quebec, Taiwan , Panama, Russia, India,  Hungary, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Norway, France, South Africa, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Holland, Sweden

Remarkable events:

———–Around the world:  UK asked what we can do on the website to make shipping more affordable overseas, Larry is still working on that as always.  Russia asked for help in getting an ACA Teen meeting in an teen addiction clinic which I sent to Joan. The New Delhi meeting contact and I are working together to grow ACA in their city. Norwegian member asking for shipping help. A member in S Af purchasing lit and is going to UK and requested we send her lit there, I suggested she arrange with Majbrit to connect UK folks to let her know if they have the literature there for purchase. A Panamanian and a Costa Rican have no meeting in country I’m working with them to support and encourage ACA growth in those countries.

———–Intergroups: – The Quebec Intergroup met and reported back to me the following: 1987 was their beginning, Members have been translating our text into French (I connected them to Larry), they have 8 groups to register  They call themselves EADA: Enfant Adulte de famille Dysfonctionnelle  ou Alcoolique. I explained the BBI initiative to John as he is working in group fashion with other IG folks who might need to know how to benefit from it. I’m working to connect a San Antonio IG member to the group in Ft Worth/Dallas for IG connection. The Denver metro area reached out to say that they are starting an IG.

———–ACA Teen: – I sent a very exciting ACA Teen institution request to Joan. A former Alateen member asked for guidance about the ACA Teen concept and the idea of starting a meeting.

———–Teamwork: Gloria-32, Majbrit-16, MaryJo-3: 1 was that the Treasurer donation thank you letter lists the teleconference number with 714 area code. Ines-  Larry-10: one of which a NJ member offers to translate to Polish.  Joan-2, Office-34/6 oops Executive Board: 5

———–Events:  1–event was added.There are 5 Non WSO sponsored events from all over the world listed. I mentioned to the Exec Comm that the “upcoming” 2014 ABC in Chicago is still on the website home page.

———–Public Information related: reached out to list us on their social site. A company asked for our permission to be a part of their business, after board concurrence the answer was no. Due to a “junk” mail I received, I contacted Tarrant Co Prisoner Re-entry program to offer a BBI package. Emotions Anonymous asked for our ESH in converting to eBooks, I sent to Larry.

———–From the fellowship: Telephone meetings: 2 concerns, 3 requests for guidance; asking for a specific meetings’ format or moderator code. Can we sell Tony A’s book at our meeting? Mtg issues: 1) people eating during sharing triggers me, 2) dominance/bossy/seating arrangements. A MT mtg was contacted due to meeting compliance concerns. No answer yet. “My mtg is new and no one feels able to sponsor”. 2 people volunteered for literature committee work who I sent to Larry. An ACA mtg for AA’s was contacted for clarification due to a concern. As newcomers, should my husband and I attend the same meeting? I need a list of speakers.

One struggle I have as a trusted servant is that 3 or 4 times a day a person emails a question that does not have enough information such as: “I need to find a meeting in my town, I need a meeting at lunchtime, can you send me a list?” or “Can you help me find a meeting in Bell county?”. I like it when I have enough information to answer the request in one email. 

—–What I hear each month:

I need meeting insurance. How do we donate? Is this or that book ACA? Do you have a sponsor list? Where’s the ComLine? I need to find a meeting for my family member/friend