The financials for May are as follows:

The May 2014 Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Statement.

Click on the “Donations Received” tab at the left for 7th tradition contributions for May.

In my absence this month, I asked Martin C. to give a report.  Per Martin, “I tend to be interested in year to date figures, rather than details for one month. The P/L figures show both. Some context (around the figures), in (the full year) 2012 our surplus was about $5k. In 2013, our surplus was about $90k.  In the first 5 months of 2014, we have already achieved a surplus of $92k.”  

Our increase in revenue is due in large part to sales of the Meditation Book, although sales in general have increased as well. 

Other things that have or will affect our bottom line:

  • We have not had an office manager/supervisor since October of last year, so salaries are much less than they were.  We do plan to hire an office manager again soon.
  • We have engaged the services of a part-time consultant to work with the Literature Committee.
  • We have signed a contract with a lawyer for HR matters; we will be billed as we use those services.
  • We received two larger 7th tradition contributions so far this year(within our guidelines) which impact our numbers somewhat.
  • We have finished paying for the ABC.

Regarding the first ever WSO budget the Treasury Committee created last year, we will revisit it at mid-year.

See the link to the Balance Sheet above to see how our bank balances are designated for use.

The Treasury Committee meets every 2 weeks by Skype reaching across the Atlantic as always. Some things we’ve worked on recently have been simplifying authorizations needed for repeat expenditure, authorizations required for general expenditures to protect the fellowship and the treasurer, the terms and conditions of hiring possible new staff and consultants, and new distribution possibilities for outside of the US.

Respectfully submitted,

Martin C, member Treasury sub-committee and Trustee (with some edits for clarification by Mary Jo L., Treasurer)