European Report for October 2014

This month I have received 23 emails and given 62 replies. I’ve been in contact with Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Germany, France, Holland, UK, Denmark.


I am still working with the people attending the Riga Convention,getting feedback and questions how to proceed with being more visible in our fellowship, how to stay connected and share experiences. I’ve written out to 74 participants and are in the process of answering the questions coming in.

The Finns are making a region group in Southern Finland, and I’m offering my assistanceand are working closely a small group of members to resolve the matters at hand.


The Swedes were wondering what happens with their translations, when sent back to the US. I was assisted in a very explicit email from Robin, she explained the procedure very well. And I’m Happy to be able to draw on her expertise. 


The Germans wish to get a better structure, they do not have an overall view of what is going on in Germany, how many meetings in which Regions they are. I have suggested a couple of ways to find out, and how to move things forward. I know from Robin that they are working on their translation, but do not know the timeframe.


The Latvians have asked for my help in getting the pamphlets translated and I’ve told them that I’m going to bring this before the Board on our F2F in Nashville.


The Russians have sent me a collections of very nice pictures from our convention in Riga. One of the things they wanted to share in Riga, and there was no time for this, was our experiences of being a sponsor. I am getting emails with their share on this topic, it is very rewording. How we are going to share this in a larger scale I don’t know right now. But the shares should be on our web site.


This was all for now

In Service

Majbrit M

Chair of the European Committee