Literature Report
November 2014

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS – The Literature Committee is currently working on or overseeing about 20 exciting literature-related projects. If you are interested and wish to do service from a space of love, please contact the Literature Committee by using the Contact Us link on the website.

Summary – During September, the Literature Committee worked on

  • finalizing the new web site rebuild
  • loading the audio version of the Fellowship Text (a-BRB) on the online vendors the Board has decided to offer the book through
  • resizing, and sending to production the 5×7 casebound Strengthening My Recovery
  • 4×4 edits
  • reviewing the Intergroup Set Up Guidelines.
  • exploring the possibility of offering a discount of literature to registered intergroups
  • exploring the production of covers for the BRB

Multilingual Translations
Received registered letter from Finland on 10/14/14.

Two new “tree” posters are ready for printing.

Intergroup Guidelines – John M. has submitted a rough draft of the suggested Intergroup Set Up Guidelines.

4×4 – Literature Committee 4×4 is in preliminary layout before membership review.

e-BRB – Sales for September were 245 e-books sold.  All tolled, there have been 5,905 e-BRBs sold.

Literature Committee Additional Members

Karen A. has joined the literature committee as a proofreader and Bob B. has joined as a copyright coordinator. Welcome aboard the good ship Literature Committee!

Sincerely yours in service,

Larry A., Literature Chair, ACA WSO Trustee

Ines, Z., ACA WSO Trustee, Spanish Translation and Group Liaison

Allen C., ACA WSO Trustee, Translations

Robin R., Staff, Literature Committee Production Assistant

Committee Members

John M., Intergroup Set Up Guidelines Trusted Servant

Suzy, Editor/Proofreader

Karen A., Proofreader

Linda W., Contributor

Bonnie G., ComLine

Bob, Copyrights Coordinator

Translation Volunteers

Henry G., Finnish Translation Contributor

Jesper P., Danish Translation Contributor

Keiko D., Japanese Translation Contributor, Japan

Hiroko I., Japanese Translation Contributor, Japan

Ines Z, Spanish Translation Contributor, USA

Christine B., German Translation Contributor, Germany

On-Going Translation Groups

Finnish         Danish            Russian    German
Dutch           Norwegian       Swedish    Italian
Japanese      Portuguese     Polish       French
Lithuanian     Hungarian       Bulgarian

From a space of love, I give service in ACA so that every Adult Child seeking recovery may find a safe place.