My thanks to Bonnie for her work, and to Vonnie for her directing questions to us, and on occasion taking some back !

So far we have mainly operated by replying to e-mails sent to

[email protected] .

Through this email we’ve sent out reminders to Intergroups about the first ACA birthday observance, requests for ComLine submissions, reminder to review proposed Literature, and our monthly teleconference reminder.

A Pennsylvania IG contact had questions he’d like us to pose to other IGs; ACAs in Austria asked about the pros/cons of organizing or affiliating with an IG.

In reply, Bonnie and I were able to share personal Experience, Strength and Hope relating to our own Intergroups with them and others, including the Comline.

This sub-committee is young; we appreciate that we need to learn lessons including finding new ways of allowing Intergroups to share with each other: we don’t want it just to be about the 2 of us, there is a lot of ESH out there which might help others.

Also, while we have tried to encourage others to be involved with ACA in a number of ways, in future we will check our ‘announcements’ with portfolio holders.

Lastly, an appeal we made last teleconference: if you are involved in an intergroup, please check whether it has registered or re-registered on the WSO website (

Respectfully Submitted

Martin C