June 2015


We have a lot of exciting projects in the works – and are looking for volunteers to help us shape the future of ACA. If you wish to do service from a space of love, please email the Literature Committee at [email protected]

New Literature Offerings for Fellowship Review

Hospitals and Institutionsimage  Hospitals and Institutions Guidelines: This booklet will available for review through July 15.


Intergroup Guidelines  Intergroup Guidelines: This booklet (currently in draft form) will be available for review until August 31.


Beginner trifold front To the Beginner in All of Us: This trifold will be available for review July through September.

To review these materials as they become available, visit our website You will find them under the Fellowship Alerts link in the lower right corner of the page.

Literature Update: Twelve Steps of Adult Children Steps Workbook

Twelve Steps Workbook cover Fellowship request that Steps 6-12 be expanded with additional questions and exercises. This publication is open for revisions. Please submit suggestions for additions to the workbook to [email protected]

4×4: The Laundry List Workbook – Integrating Our Laundry List Traits

Laundry List Workbook plain cover We received tremendous response to this text. The Laundry List Workbook seeks to expand the Fellowship Text’s brief description of the “Other” or Opposite Laundry List. The Other Laundry List outlines characteristics of how adult children may be acting out the effects of the original Laundry List traits. Wherever possible we incorporated the valuable insights, commentary and suggestions.

We are looking for cover art for this book. The book’s size is approximately 8.5 x 11 inches (22×30 cm), so a high-resolution digital image (approximately 300 ppi) is needed. Please send photos or drawings to [email protected] Deadline for art submissions is June 15. Be sure to include a copyright release form. A copyright release form can be downloaded from our website at

The book is now in the final proofreading stage, and we anticipate offering The Laundry List Workbook for sale in August. 


ComLine newsletter cover We received several articles, along with original artwork and photography for the 3rd Quarter ComLine. The next issue will be for the 4th Quarter: October, November, December. We are asking that all submissions be sent in by November 1.

Though primary focus for the 4th Quarter issue is on Steps 10, 11, 12 and Traditions 10, 11, 12, all shares, stories, poems reflecting experience, strength, and hope are welcome!  Be sure to include a copyright release form with your story or artwork. A copyright release form can be downloaded from our website at

Audio BRB

Sales for May were 70 a-books sold. All tolled, we have sold 260 a-BRBs.


Sales for May were 188 e-books sold.  All tolled, we have sold 7,575 e-BRBs.

Multilingual Translations

A group of adult children in Norway are translating the Twelve-Step workbook.

Adult children in Finland are translating the Strengthening My Recovery.

A group of adult children in Lithuania are translating several pieces of literature.

Adult children in Italy have been translating free literature. Molto bene! We received nine translations in Italian:

  • The Problem
  • The Laundry List
  • The Solution
  • The Twelve Steps
  • The Twelve Traditions
  • The ACA Promises
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sample Meeting Format
  • ACA Is…


  • Nearly 500 emails were traded both domestically and abroad, including from the fellowship in Australia, Finland, Japan, Russia, Denmark and Greece.
  • We deployed more cloud storage to accommodate the additional literature and translations currently in production.
  • We upgraded software for literature layout work
  • We have been revising literature to include ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) and bar codes so that we can move forward with international fulfillment services.

Sincerely yours in service,

Larry A., Literature Chair, ACA WSO Trustee

Ines, Z., ACA WSO Trustee, Spanish Translation and Group Liaison

Robin R., Staff

Committee Members

John M., ComLine

Karen A., Proofreader

Cheryl H., Proofreader

Patti H., Proofreader

Phyllis R., ComLine

Bonnie K-M., ComLine

Mardi M., ComLine

Laura L., ComLine

Jennifer B., ComLine

Conrad G., ComLine

Marty M., ComLine

Bob B., Copyrights Coordinator

Translation Volunteers

Anna J., Polish Translation Contributor/Polish Fellowship, UK

Christine D, French Translation Contributor, Canada

Henry G., Finnish Translation Contributor, Finland

Anna, Finnish Translation Contributor, Finland

Hiroko I., Japanese Translation Contributor, Japan

Ines Z., Spanish Translation Contributor, USA

Keiko D., Japanese Translation Contributor, Japan

Nastya, Russian Translation Coordinator, Russia

Stefan B., German Translation Contributor, Germany

Xanthi T., Greek Translation Contributor, Greece

Susanne B, Swedish Translation Contributor, Sweden
Ausra, Latvia

On-Going Translation Groups


From a space of love, I give service in ACA so that every Adult Child seeking recovery may find a safe place.